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Choice City CrossFit is the Premier CrossFit training gym in Fort Collins, Colorado.
We believe gym-based training should enhance all facets of your life.
We want you to be able to do any and all outdoor activities and athletic pursuits with confidence!

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Your first visit to us will be a private assessment and 1 on 1 talk with a CCCF coach.

We’ll cover what CrossFit is and how we implement their teachings.
We will also assess your current ability level.
We'll answer all of your questions on membership, pricing, and our community!



CrossFit is Constantly Varied, Functional Movement at High Intensity. We do a little of everything so you A) don't get bored B) don't get into a fitness rut and C) don't injure yourself doing silly stuff from the internet and so-called professionals. 
We use full-body movements to maximize work in each of our one hour class times. 


CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is B.I.G. fun which means Broad, Inclusive and General. We get kids learning, moving and having fun, while developing their coordination, balance, agility and accuracy through age-appropriate workouts, skills and games. 
We want to have fun and get kids moving! For each adult enrolled in our classes we offer a free kids spot!


Barbell Club

Included in everyone's unlimited membership is access to our Sunday morning barbell club. Each week we spend a half-hour on flexibility and and 1 1/2 hours finessing and sometimes fixing our Snatch and Clean and Jerks, using progressions and skill work. We check our progress quarterly with one repetition max lifts. 


(Private Training & Individual Programming is also Available upon Inquiry)

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