190514 - Recipe Tuesday - Burger Bowls!


If you’re avoided gluten or reducing your carbs, this is a great idea for you! The burger bowl makes it possible to easily eat a burger with TONS of tasty toppings without the mess!

Burger bowl.JPG

2 lbs. of grass fed ground beef
Lots of seasonings
Lots of veggies (peppers, onions, mushrooms)
Cheese (if you want it)
Bacon (if you want it)

- Preheat that grill
- Mix your beef with seasonings (I like simple garlic powder, salt, and pepper)
- Form around a cup or jar to make the bowl shape! Make sure sides are thick enough so they don’t collapse when you grill them!
- Saute all of your toppings in a little bit of butter and cook up that bacon if you have it!
- Fill bowls with a little cheese first, then filling, then a little more cheese
- Grill for about 10 minutes! AND ENJOY!
(I made purple sweet potato fries in the oven for my side dish)


? of the DAY - What’s your best out of the 5 senses?

20 Calories on Cardio
3 Rounds (First with coach) - Plate 25/15
10 Ground to Overhead
10 Steering Wheel Trunk Twists
10 Plyo Push Ups

Plate Around the Worlds and Single Sided Dumbos

10EB, 3, 3, 3+

COACH PREP - (Need a pair of light DB)
8 Burpees
8 Weighted Burpees - Down on DB and just stand with them (no overhead yet)
8 Devil Press
(Now find WOD weight since this is the limiting lift!)

Review Hang Cleans w/ devil press DB - Dip ,Drive, Scoop

7 DB Devil Press 45/35
7 DB Hang Cleans

CASH OUT/COOL DOWN - 1 minute MAX meters on the ski erg
(Class will mobilize while others are cashing out!)



There will be no more 10am class BUT 8am is now a class time!

Ladies LIFT -
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm
A powerlifting class (with cardio cash out) for women only!

Strongman Class -
Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Learn how to lift odd objects and move big weight

Third Thursday BAMF Days! - All Day
We will have a consistent day each month that will be a tough team or partner WOD! If you have friends who have wanted to try CrossFit, invite them to come each third Thursday of the month!
PLUS!!!!!!!!! If the person you invite, joins with the 3 month upfront commitment, YOU get your next month of membership 1/2 off!

I know change is tough but we believe these changes will make awesome additions to our schedule and help us create an even bigger better stronger community! Don’t fear the change!


? of the DAY - Most and Least favorite household chore?

200m PVC Pass Thru Walk and Jog back
PVC Good Mornings
PVC Gandalfs
20 Double DB Deadlifts (Light)

Lacrosse Ball Seated Hamstring Hinge Floss
(Sitting on a box, place ball under hamstring, then extend and bend leg)


Deadlift 10EB (5 @ weight between EB and first weight) 3, 3, 3+

Work backwards to prep for WOD

Bar Kips
Target T2B
(Scaling goal - Get toes as high as possible, K2C with kick!)

Front Squat
Combine to Thruster
(Goal - Quick turnover from the top)

Feet outside of hands

EMOM 12:
M1: 24 Mountain Climbers
M2: 12 Thrusters 75/55
M3: 12 Toes to Bar
Score = Pass/No Pass
GOAL = To pass the workout! ;)

190509 - FYF "Modified Wes"


SO…after a week of WODs that made us SUPER sore, you may be looking at this one like…are you trying to kill us!? NOPE! Here’s the deal, if you are sore this is the perfect workout to do! Small sets can break things up a bit and you can go super light or easy or strict on whatever (or all components) if you need to! And for those that really want to get crushed, there’s something for you too! Just go really heavy and go really hard! It’s going to be a fun one people! Enjoy the ride!

WARM UP - 2 Rounds
12 Calories on any device
12 High Knee Bench Step Overs
24 Double Unders
6 Burpees
3 Pull Ups
(PVC Pass Thrus while you wait for others to finish)

Set Up Pull Up Spots (All scaling options open today!)
Set Up Boxes (Scaling Option - Burpee Step Ups)

CCCF Clean Prep (w/ 5 minutes to warm up to WOD weight)

For Time (30 minute cap)
200 Double Unders
14 Rounds of
5 Pull-Ups
4 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20
3 Cleans 185/125 lb
200 Double Unders

190509 - Soapbox Thursday


Hey Coach,
I'm sorry I haven't been in lately, but I just don't have time to work out.
Athlete X.

Hey Athlete X,
Let's do a time debit and credit chart. 
At the end of the day, before going to bed, chart everything you did and the time you did it in. 
Be precise.

Include seemingly innocuous things like scrolling instagram on the toilet and Netflix and chill. 

The average "busy" person can find 10 hours a week of time that's just wasted. 
We're asking for at most, 5-6 hours of training. For most people, just 4. 
Busy people are busy. Schedule yourself time to get in here. And if the train screws you up, or your hours are fractured, then grab a workout from our handy Free Fitness link and knock one out. 

Take care of yourself. You're the only you you're going to get. 
-Coach Michael

? of the DAY - What are you doing to work toward your end of summer goal?

Run (Down and back) x 10
Side Shuffle
Monster Walk
Walking Lunge
Broad Jumps

Banded Cossack Squats (Side Lunges)

Extra Warm Up : 3 sets of 10 Goblet Squats
Back Squat 10EB, 5, 5, 5+

Review Movements
Unweighted Squat Hops
Hands Overhead Stepping Lunge

AMRAP 4: x 3
(With 1 minute rest b/w)
12 EB Squat Hops
12 EB Overhead Lunges
12 EB Bicep Curls

COOL DOWN - Roll out your poor legs!

190508 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


I constantly say this to myself! I try really hard to focus on my future self and how I’d love to look back on my past self with pride! Like DAMN GIRL, way to help me out, I’M REAL PROUD!
Do something today that you will be thankful for tomorrow!

Proud Quote.jpg

? of the DAY - Favorite cleaning product?

2 minute of slow “get-the-blood-flowing” cardio
2 Rounds
1 min. banded single arm chest press - EACH SIDE
(attach red/blue band arm high then face away and press away from origin point with one hand)
1 min. banded tricep extensions

Banded Shoulder Neck Opener

3 Sets of 10 DB Floor Press with :20 rest between
Bench Press 10EB, 5, 5, 5+

Dip progressions
Bench Dips/Box Dips/Ring Dips


3 minutes of Rowing for Calories
3 minutes of Dips
2 minutes of Rowing for Calories
2 minutes of Dips
1 minute of Rowing for Calories
1 minute of Dips (if you can do Bar MU, do those instead on this round!)

190507 - Recipe Tuesday - "Caprese Chicken"


- Chicken (I like thighs best!)
- Yummy garlic seasoning
- Mozzarella tube
- Big tomatoes
- Basil
- Balsamic Glaze or Vinegar

- Bake or grill chicken covered in tons of garlicky seasoning (Oven at 360 degrees for about 30-40 min depending on cut)
- Then top with slice of mozzarella and tomato cook for another 5ish minutes
- Add shredded basil to top and drizzle with balsalmic
- ENJOY! Quick and easy!


WARM UP - w/ a partner
3 Rounds
P1: Pushes Plate Carriers Down and Back
P2: PVC Pipe Good Mornings
3 Rounds
P1: Drinking Birds Down and Back
P2: Weighted Plank

Bench Hamstring Stretch
Banded Crossover Stretch

STRENGTH - 10 x 3 with :20 rest of KB Deadlifts
10EB, 5, 5, 5+

COACH PREP - Review movements!

For Time
40 - 30 - 20 - 10
Weighted Sit Ups 25/15
Deadlifts 135/105

Accumulate 15 supermans
Acccumulate 15 downdogs to cobra



Thursday, May 16th (Location and Time TBD)
Choice City CrossFit “SQUATSVILLE SLUGGERS” Softball Game!
Come out to cheer on our squad and then head to Tap & Handle after for a beer with the fit fam!

Saturday, May 25th MEMORIAL MURPH
We will have classes at 8am and 10am!
After, we will be heading to the Rio for Margaritas!

Wednesday, May 29th BAMF DAY!
If you have a friend that wants to come in, this is the day!
We are going to post an event on FB too!
If anyone has a friend join from this particular BAMF Day, we will give you 1/2 off your next month’s membership! Go out there and bring ‘em in!

Big Arm Circles
Big Arm Hugs
Bird Dogs
Leg Crossbody Stretch (for T-Spine and Butt)

Lacrosse Ball Hell

Strict Press
10EB, 5, 5, 5+
(For the next 3 weeks, we’ve added 5 lbs. to your 1RM for press/bench and 10 lbs. to your 1RM for backsquat/deadlift! Things are getting heavy people! OH and the dates are wrong on the back page…don’t worry, I already know, just didn’t want to take the hours needed to fix it!)

Review movements in order
Practice round with 4 of each movement!

10 Push Press 115/75
10 Kettlebell Swings 55/35
10 Box Jumps 24/20

GOAL - Move steady the whole time friends! This is good mental prep for Murph! Try to get 8 or more!

190503 - FYF "Badger" Hero WOD


? of the DAY - What are you lookin’ forward to this weekend?

Run 200m
10 Russian KB Swings
10 American KB Swings
10 KB Around the Worlds (Each Side)
10 KB Goblet Squats
10 KB Bent Over Row (Each Side)
5 Strict Pull Ups / Set up Banded

Clean Prep
- Fast Elbows
- Squat Drop
- Squat Drop + Elbow Drill
- Clean Pull
- Squat Clean (Scale to Power Clean into Front Squat)

“Badger” (35 minute time cap)
3 Rounds
30 Squat Cleans 95/65
30 Pull Ups
800m Run

190502 - Soapbox Thursday


Clock Watching - Michael Reynolds

We all do it, to varying degrees. A peek, a glance, an unbelieving stare. We are beholden to the clock.
A clock is like a heart-rate monitor or a fitbit. It’s a tool to help you understand what it means to work hard.
When you constantly look at the clock, you’re unable to put forth the effort necessary to beat it.
Playing the “I can take a 30 second rest here” game because you’re doing some “A Beautiful Mind” calculations is defeating the purpose of timing your effort.
Ideally, the clock wouldn’t exist except to give you a frame of reference for what working hard feels like for X:XX time.
Fran times vary wildly; we have sub 4 minutes all the way to 17 minutes.
The person getting sub 4 isn’t looking at the clock. Now that doesn’t mean that the 17 minute person is only looking at the clock and that’s why it’s taking longer. But I guarantee, they’re not focused on the task at hand.
I was reminiscing about the “good old days,” a whopping 10 years ago, that we never looked at the clock (we had to use stopwatches), we just yelled “TIME!” and the coach or your training partner would note the effort. I’m not saying we were better back then (I was) but we used the clock like some folks use their fitbits, as one data point amongst many and not the focus of the work.
Do your best to avoid clock watching and see where that takes you.

WARM UP - 3 Rounds
Switch off with partner
Partner #1: 100m Row
Partner #2: Plank Hold

Vertical Pole Lacrosse Ball Delt Smash
(Get lacrosse ball, place on pole of apparatus, lean in until your delt is holding the ball in place, rotate arm around to smash front of shoulder.)

Bench Press
10EB, 5, 3, 1+
(Partner up with someone with similar numbers)

2 minutes of DU or Jump Rope Practice
6 Lateral Hops over the Rower
4 Burpees over the Rower

AMRAP 16: (w/ a partner - One partner works at a time then switches movements)
250 Meter Row
10 Lateral Burpees over the Rower (Scale to step overs)
30 Double Unders

1 minute hold on each side of each movement
Seated Spinal Rotation Stretch (See photo below)
Thread the Needle
Pigeon Stretch


190501 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


? OF THE DAY - Who knows you best?

12 Calories
2 Rounds
6 Squats
6 Z-Sit (Switch knees back and forth 6x)
6 Sampson Stretch Lunges

Back Squat
10EB, 5, 3, 1+

PVC Pass Thrus
Around the Worlds
Bergener w/ PVC then with EB
Review complex with empty bar

E2MOM 14: (7 Rounds)
Barbell Complex = Snatch High Pull + Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat
(Work up in weight for a heavy single of the complex)

190430 - Recipe Tuesday - Sesame Crusted Salmon Bites


These tasty little Asian fish bites are not only easy to make but easy to eat! (I paired it with sauted collard greens and butternut squash risotto)!

Giant Chunk of Salmon
Sesame Seeds
Tamari (or Soy Sauce)
Sesame Oil
Sriracha (if you like it hot)
A little Ginger
Orange Juice (if you’ve got it)

- Mix all wet ingredients to make a marinade (use small amounts of OJ, Sriracha, and ginger)
This mix should be able to coat the amount of salmon you bought!
- Cut salmon into 1 inch by 1 inch chunks then put in a ziplock bag with marinade! Squish it around then let sit for about 30 minutes!
- In a large flat pan on medium heat, add a bit of Sesame Oil
- Dip nonskin side of salmon chunk in sesame seeds then add to oil! Cook about 3ish minutes on each side depending on how thick it is! Make sure its cooked all the way through!


WARM UP - 2 minutes of cardio (speeding up throughout)
14 Kneeling Light DB Press
14 L-Sit DB Press
14 Candlesticks or Curl Ups

Banded Pull Aparts
Banded Prayer Stretch w/ Foam Roller
Roll out Lats

10EB, 5, 3, 1+

Review all movements and scaling options
(See scaling below)
- Strict HSPU then kippping
- Bar Kips then T2B

For Time (12 minute cap)
BUY-IN = 30 Jump Lunges
3 Rounds
10 Handstand Push Ups
10 Toes to Bar
3 Rounds
5 Hand Release Push Ups
5 Strict Chin Ups
BUY-OUT = 30 Jump Lunges

WOD - For Time
BUY-IN = 30 Stepping Lunges
3 Rounds
10 Seated DB Press
10 Knees to Chest
3 Rounds
5 Hand Release Push Ups
5 Palms Up Bar/Ring Rows
BUY-OUT = 30 Stepping Lunges

GOAL - Under 6 minutes! This one is meant to be knocked out in big chunks with unbroken sets if possible!

190429 - Important Message Monday



"The reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated." -Mark Twain

Folks, I'm not dying any more than anyone else is. Thank you for your concern. If you're one of those that hasn't heard this, the reason for the speculation is because I am planning on leaving CCCF the first week of July and am aligning things to make sure that I can do so smoothly.

The most important concern is what does this mean for Buddy? Well, not much is changing in his life. Lauren has generously and significantly adjusted her life to be able to take care of Buddy and keep him safe and happy in his best environment: with y'all. He's not a fan of road trips and would be best served by being around his family.

What does this mean for you? Not much either. 
Lauren's crowning as new owner of the gym in January had been the culmination of a number of years of her hard work and the programming and training style has been hers for over 2 years now. I am proud to officially-officially hand over the reins to her and head off into my second retirement (again, not dying.) This has been kind of foisted upon her, but she's adaptive as all get out and we're getting all the ducks in a row. I'll be coaching all the way up until I leave. If you're interested in personal training or coaching/ biomechanical/ nutrition education, let me know, I could use the gas money 😂

What does this mean for me? Selling my house to a lovely couple, trading in the Tacoma for a large van, and taking off on an open-ended road trip to national parks, forests, beaches and any other hijinks I feel like getting up to.

What can you do to help? Continue to make this place a community that supports and cares for each other and maintain the standards that I worked so hard to create and would be proud of. If you're interested in becoming a coach at CCCF, we're starting the Instructor Training Program next Saturday at 7am. It's a comprehensive program, and being a coach is a satisfying pursuit.

Never have I spent so much time with such a caring, gregarious and interesting group of people. Thank you. 
I'll drop in occasionally, when Lauren needs a vacation, or if she tells me y'all are acting up (I kid, I kid.) or if I need an injection of love and kindness and a little bit of sass.

My last day will be July 4th, and hopefully we can put together a little potluck party to send me and Jean Claude Van Ram off into the sunset.

In the words of Chick-fil-A employees everywhere: 
It's been my pleasure to serve you.


WARM UP - Med ball run perimeter 5x with medball
Med Ball Toss with partner
- Shoves
- Triceps
- Twisted Throws
- Seated Rolls
- Single Leg Toss
- Alternating Drinking Birds

10EB, 5, 3, 1+
(This last rep is 95% of your one rep max! Goal is one GOOD REP but if you feel really good go for one or two more!)

Practice both movements with light wallball

4 Wallballs 30/20
4 Wallball Weighted Step-Ups
(Add 4 reps in each round to each movement)

COOL DOWN - Hold each for 1 minute of each (Self timed)
Down Dog
Spiderman Lunge (Right and Left)

190426 - FYF - 300 WOD


Warm Up
3 Rounds 
10 Alternating Box Step Ups
10 EB Good Mornings
10 EB Press
5 Strict Pull Ups or Ring Rows

Cat/ Cow

Coach Prep
Review all movements

300 25:00 time cap
25 pull-ups
50 deadlifts 135/95
50 push-ups
50 box jumps 24/20
50 floor wipers 135/95
50 clean and press 75/55
25 pull-ups

-Scaled versions-
Level 1:
25 Banded Pull-Ups
50 Deadlifts
50 Push-Ups
50 Body-weight squat jumps
50 V-Ups
50 Push-Press
25 Banded Pull-Ups
Level 2/3:
25 Ring Rows
50 Air Squats
50 Push-Ups
50 Jumping Jacks
50 Mountain Climbers
50 Ab Mat Sit-Ups
25 Ring Rows

190425 - Soapbox Thursday


Leave No Doubt. - Michael Reynolds
As folks get more and more competitive in their workouts, and compare scores and performances, I think it’s important to not value “being first” over “being best.”

When I hear so and so did x number of reps or got a certain time, I often have to formulate a caveat in my mind. Like: they don’t squat below parallel consistently or open their hips all the way at the top so their score should have an asterisk behind it. Kind of a shitty thing for me to do, but if the shoe fits…
You should endeavor to move the best while going hard. That’s what good performance is.
Winning for the sake of winning without meeting the criteria for movement isn’t a win, it’s bullshit.

The best CrossFit athlete is the one that the coach never has to worry about: They move like a coach, they push like a champion and they raise the caliber of people around them. They leave no doubt.

Warm Up
2 rounds
200m Med Ball Run
12 Lunging Med Ball Twist
12 Med Ball Squats
6 Alternating Single Leg Stand Ups

Keg Drill
Squat Therapy

Back Squat 3,3,3+

Coach Prep
Pistol Scaling
Scaling options: Box heel taps, single-leg stands from plates or ball.

WOD - AMRAP 9:00
20 Calorie Row Buy In
10 Alternating Pistols
20 KBS 55/35

Goal: 3 Rounds

190424 - Quote of the Week Wednesday



Warm Up
10 Squats
Inchworms D&B
10 Squats 
Broad Jumps D&B
10 Squats 
Mama Bear Crawls D&B
10 Squats
Lateral Planks D&B

Door Jams

Bench Press 3,3,3+
(as athletes finish, banded good mornings)

Coach Prep
Tire flips

EMOM w/partner 16:00

P1 - 6 Tire Flips (jump in jump out)
P2 - 3 Bear Crawls D&B
Then Switch

Goal: Keep moving! The faster you work the sooner you get rest.

190423 - Recipe Tuesday - Coconutty Shrimp


This one is pretty simple but it’s such a quick tasty idea when you’re in a pinch!

Big Raw Shrimps
Coconut Flour
Raw (Unsweetened) Shredded Coconut
Coconut Oil
(Told you it was Coconutty!)

- Dip Shrimps in flour, egg, flakes (in that order) then fry it up in the pan with hot coconut oil until pink!
SEE! Easy peasy!


Warm Up
2 mins cardio player’s choice
1 min Tempo Push-ups  4044
1 min KB Good Mornings
1 min Mountain Climbers

Banded Down Dog
Apparatus Hamstring Stretch

10EB, 3,3,3+

Coach Prep
Review movements

4 rounds
1 min work :30 rest
ABMAT sit ups
Evil Wheels
Elevator Planks

Goal: Unbroken movements, work hard for that rest!

190422 - Meet the Hero Monday - MURPH


For all of our new people or ones who haven’t done Murph, here’s a quick overview of what it is AND why we do it! Then make sure you put MURPH on your schedule for Satruday, May 25th for an awesome workout and margaritas at the Rio to follow!


In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

This workout was one of Mike's favorites and he'd named it "Body Armor". From here on it will be referred to as "Murph" in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you've got a twenty or fourteen pound vest or body armor, wear it.


Warm UP:
200m Run
20 PVC  Pass Thrus
10 Leg Swings

Prayer Stretch
Pigeon/ Side hip

Press 3,3,3+
(roll out calves and shin splint mobility as athletes finish)

Coach Prep:
Review WOD and athlete prep time

For time
1 mile run
Rest 5 mins
1 mile run
(If you are doing Murph with vest, then run with a vest)

Goal: Consistent run times, no more then :30 deviation!

Alternate WOD for weather conditions

Death by chin ups (capped at 8)
Rest 2 mins
Death by Dips (capped at 8)

190419 - FYF



QOTD: Last time you laughed the hardest?

400m team sled pull OR barbell carry
20 team med ball squat + throw
10 EB push press

BB keg drill
Side hip
Lacrosse ball hell

Ground to overhead options!
Clean + jerk prep (fast elbows, power drop)
Snatch prep (Burgener warm up)

For Time: Partner Ground to Overhead! (30:00 time cap)
Male team: 11,000 lbs total
Female team: 9,000 lbs total
Mixed team: 10,000 lbs total
THEN 3k row
Split all work evenly. Each individual chooses weight to use.

Goals: Keep moving! Be a good team member!

190418 - Soapbox Thursday - Benefits to Weight Training


We’ve kick of this Strength Program with a strong start and I thought it would be the perfect time to review why “resistance training” or weightlifting is so awesome! So here’s 8 really good reasons:
1) It makes you stronger and fitter!
2) It protects bone health and muscle mass!
3) It keeps weight off for good!
4) It can develop better body mechanics!
5) It helps with chronic disease management!
6) It boosts energy levels and improves mood!
7) It translates to more calories burned!
8) It has cardiovascular health benefits!
So keep on coming and getting that strength in! Tomorrow is a longer FYF workout which will involves some fun Olympic Lifts and partner components! Perfect way to kick off the weekend!


QOTD: How many pillows do you sleep with?

2 rounds
12 calorie row
10 EB Floor Press
10 EB front squats
10 wall balls

Door jamb chest opener
4-way banded shoulder stretch

10 EB bench to warm up
5, 5, 5+

Demo movements
Light BB SDHP <- focus on high elbows, pop with hips, good starting position
Muscle clean practice
Front squat practice
Press practice
Put it all together for a thruster
Work up to WOD weight

WOD: “Haiku”
5 SDHP Rx: 95/65
7 bar-facing burpees
5 thrusters

Goals: SDHP and thrusters should be relatively heavy, since there are not very many per round. Go for four rounds (2.5 mins per round)!