kb swings

170501 - CrossFit

Thank you to everyone who brought a friend last Friday! We had a blast with all of our visitors! Here is our Sam and her highly motivated friend Tammi, conquering a modified version of 300!  

Thank you to everyone who brought a friend last Friday! We had a blast with all of our visitors! Here is our Sam and her highly motivated friend Tammi, conquering a modified version of 300!  

Strength - Strict Press
(Percentages are based off of 90% of current 1RM plus up to #5)

WOD - 
400 meter run then
KB Swings (Russian) 55/35
Sumo Deadlift High Pull

170208 - Faces of Choice City - Kiva

Kiva is a machine when it comes to WODs but don't let that hard core athleticism fool you, this woman is as kind as they come! She brightens up the gym with her infectious smile and contagious happy-go-getter attitude! Even if she's out of breath or floored from a tough workout, she still has plenty of laughs and high-fives to go around! On Feb. 29th, Miss Kiva will have been with us for 1 whole year so make sure you wish this dedicated lady a very happy Gym Anniversary! 

Tell us about yourself.
About me...let's see. I'm from Washington State. I played soccer for Western Washington University in Bellingham. I was a Division II athlete. I studied environmental science and have worked as a Fisheries Biologist and River Surveyor for several years. Currently I work at an environmental non-profit called "Wildlands Restoration Volunteers" in Fort Collins. I moved to Boulder first but discovered that I liked FoCo way better so I moved this way shortly after. I enjoy backpacking, gardening, hiking, rafting, and being outside doing just about anything! I absolutely love my pup (Bear) and my chickens (Pepper, Ginger, and Sage)! 

Why do you "CrossFit"? 
Ever since I stopped playing soccer, I've been craving a high intensity sport or athletic activity to push myself. I wanted a to find a challenge, to bond with a community, and make/conquer fitness goals. I tried many things but nothing satisfied me. I came to CrossFit with the inention of only trying it out for a month but I absolutely fell in love and possibly became obsessed! 

What makes "Choice City" so special? 
Definitely the peeps! Coach Lauren and Coach Michael and Coach Bri!
They let me ask all of the questions and don't make me feel stupid for asking! I am normally shy but everyone immediately made me feel welcome. I started right when I moved to Fort Collins and instantly had a supportive community. 
As I've stayed here longer, I've found things that heavily challenge me and the coaches never let me back down. They call me out and make me work harder! I wasn't sure if I'd like CrossFit but I found an eclectic group of people that come from different places and backgrounds that you can make a connection with no matter who you are and I like that a lot! 

Skill - 3 Sets (Not for Time) 
5 Handstand Push-Ups
10 One Leg Box Squats
15 Double Unders

40 KB Swings 55/35
30 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
20  Hand Release Push-Ups

161208 - CrossFit

2 rounds
40 Double-unders
10 Box Step-ups
10 Reverse Wallballs
10 Sprinter’s Lunges
10 Close-grip Push-ups

Ankles, hips and shoulders


15 minutes Pistol work
Beginner: Unloaded
Intermediate: KB in front
Advanced: Barbell Overhead

Front-loaded Helen
1200m row then
3 rounds of
21 KB swings 55/35
12 pull-ups
for time

160817 - CrossFit | Benchmark Workout | Wednesdays with Coach Lauren!

5 Reasons to get off the struggle bus and get into the gym!

Recently, I’ve had discussions with some athletes about the struggles of getting to the gym. From what I have gathered, it is mostly a lack of time and motivation that prevent a trip to the box. SO, here’s a list of REALLY good reasons to get your booty butt to the gym! 

#1 – It’s something you pay for, so use it!!! When you spend money on something, you are way more likely to hold yourself accountable to it. That’s why I started running races. I put money down on the goal to run 26.2 miles so by golly I was going to train for it and do it! I would never do that just for fun! That’d be crazy! I put money to it, so I do it. Let the money motivate you!

#2 – It’s cheaper than therapy!!! Exercise causes your body to release happy neurochemicals called endorphins. I’m going to be SUPER HONEST for a moment here…I suffer from pretty severe depression and anxiety. My therapist LITERALLY prescribes me with exercise as part of my treatment. On top of helping you sleep better and relieving stress, coming in for a WOD will leave you feeling healthier AND happier! 

#3 – It’s a springboard for more healthy choices!!! “I missed the gym today, so I might as well eat this triple chocolate Krispy Kreme donut then go out for a couple of beers paired with nachos tonight.” I know, we have all been guilty of this poor-choices-snowball-effect. Keep the positive momentum going and get to the gym so you can get on the speeding train of good choices! 

#4 – It’s fun to see your Fit Fam!!! The benefit of having a smaller gym community is that we know who you are and we notice when you aren’t here! Coach Michael knows when you don’t show up for a couple of days and HE will let YOU know that HE knows! These accountabilibuddies are here for you when you need that extra motivation to get in. Tell them you will be there tomorrow, let them help you stay accountable to that. 

#5 – It’s “YOU” time!!! What other activity in your life can you shut off the rest of the world’s troubles and just be concerned with nothing but YOU? CrossFit gives you ONE HOUR of time shielded from the stuff “out there.” Use 1/24 of your day for just YOU, because darn it….you deserve it!  

Clean pull
Hang squat clean
Push press
Push jerk

WOD "Helen"
3 rounds
400m run
21 KB swings
12 pull-ups

160705 - CrossFit

200m run
3 rounds
5 sumo deadlift high pulls 55/35
10 push-ups
15 kb swings

Pull-up progressions
Level 1 (no pull-ups) Day 1
3 sets of 8-12 banded pull-ups then
Accumulate 25 ring rows then
Accumulate 25 band face pulls

Level 2 (some pull-ups) Day 1
EMOM 5: 1-3 strict pull-ups then
20 hollow rocks
20 back extensions
Max unbroken set kipping pull-ups (do not come off bar) x2

Level 3 (kipping pull-ups) Day 1
EMOM 5: 1-3 strict pull-ups then hollow rocks
20 back extensions
Max unbroken set butterfly pull-ups (do not come off bar) x2


160511 - CrossFit | Wednesdays with Hannah P.

No Rep

Recently I’ve been able to drop in on other fitness classes while traveling. Something that surprised me (because I am used to CrossFit workouts) is that I noticed people occasionally cutting the exercises short. For example, in a warm up where the goal was to walk from one place to another doing lunges, some people were doing one lunge, taking a few steps, doing another lunge, and repeating. The instructions were to lunge on every step. I was surprised because this is something I don’t see often at CrossFit. I don’t go around counting people’s reps, but I like to think we have a pretty high rate of honesty.

In CrossFit, if you skip one rep on a workout, you are only hurting yourself. Where will you draw the line? Today it’s one rep, next year it could be 5 reps less. The workout is assigned with a certain number of reps and that is what you are expected to do. 

It doesn’t matter if it takes you 5 or 10 minutes longer than everyone else to finish the warm up (or workout) in CrossFit. Primarily, we focus on quality of movements. It might take some people longer than others to do those movements, and that is ok. It is better to do them correctly and in the recommended amount then to cut them short. Likewise, in CrossFit we have no reps. This is when a movement is done incorrectly or incompletely, and it does not count. Form is very important for muscle memory and also to prevent injury.

The truth is, maybe no one will notice or call you out on it, but you won’t have a fair standard for comparison if you cut out a repetition of a movement. You are only hurting yourself and your progress. So do yourself a favor and make sure you do all of the reps.

-Hannah P.

Wall walk, HSPU, handstand walks, freestanding HSPUs

KB swings
Ring rows (deficit if possible) 

160406 - CrossFit | Wednesdays with Hannah P.

Success Happens in Every Day Moments

Do you ever feel like you are working so hard at something and not really seeing progress? Or maybe you beat yourself up because you used to be able to do something, but you aren’t that fast/strong/whatever in this exact moment? Give yourself permission to be exactly where you are in this moment. Fitness is a journey, not a destination.

 Somewhere I saw an image that was a graph of success, and it looked like a squiggly line with lots of ups and downs, but a general upward trend. This is true in life, and also in fitness.

It is all too easy to be our own worst critic. Setting goals, having a workout notebook (or other method of tracking) and not being too hard on ourselves are all good ways to persevere with a positive attitude. 

The reality is that we are not always going to have our best workout, fastest time, heaviest weight lift, or whatever the “best” looks like in your preferred type of fitness. The point is that success also happens in every day moments, in the space between recognized victories. The fact that you keep going and giving it your all makes you a success.

I’ll repeat that because it is important. You are a success simply because you keep going. We all have other ways we could spend our time, but we choose to keep going. We choose not to make excuses and to keep training. We make sacrifices to prioritize our sleep, diet, and workouts. That right there is success.

We see it in the every day moments, like the workout you didn’t think you could complete, but you did. That time you didn’t scale the workout back as much as you would have liked to, and instead chose to challenge yourself even more. That time you worked right until the end of the timed period, even though you could have started catching your breath a few seconds early instead of trying to get in another rep. Those every day moments count for a lot. 

-Hannah P.

Pistols and variations
E45O45 x 7
6 alternating pistols

30 cal row
30 KB swings
30 jump lunges
30 double-unders

160115 - FYF | What's your Brand?

Branding is a crucial element of business. The government spends millions of dollars re-branding seemingly brand-less things like the Army. When I signed up, its slogan was Be All You Can Be, then it changed to Army of One, now the current slogan is Army Strong. Millions of dollars to create a brand for an institution. 

I like to think institutionally our brand is a focus on biomechanics and safe and effective movement with a fun and challenging community environment. My personal brand (hopefully) is working hard, being observant, telling it like it is and being a repository of information.

Everyone in the gym builds their own brand. 

Some people build a brand centered around the social experience of working out here. Some folks build a brand of solitude and keep to themselves and split immediately after class.  
Even other folks bring a can-do attitude regardless of their backgrounds and try hard every time. Still others have built a brand around excuses. Another group has built a brand of knowing everything and not listening to anything. 

The best brand is one that contributes to the community, is attentive and sponge-like when being taught movement, vociferous when needing help and supporting others, and helpful when new folks have questions. 

These folks are absolute joys to work with. They don't bring big muscles and egos and excuses nor do they live in glories or failures of the past. The only thing they bring is themselves, an eagerness to learn and a great attitude. The funny thing is, those folks are getting better and better. The other folks, rolling their eyes at this post, aren't. 

What's your brand?
If you're not happy with it, the good new is it's not going to cost you anything to change it. 

3, 3, 3, back squat

6 stations 1 minute each :30 rest, 3 rounds, 1 minute rest after each round
KB up and down broad jumps
Battle ropes
Airdyne for Calories
Sandbag get-ups
Row for Calories
Weighted box step-ups

160111 - CrossFit | Put on your coaching hat.

The ability to out yourself into other peoples' shoes is one of the things that make coaches coaches. 
If we are unable to sympathize with struggle, it makes it all the more difficult a) understand the athlete's perspective, and b) provide cues to help the athlete understand what's going wrong and how to fix it. 
That's why the best coaches are the folks that had to struggle to get where they are. 

I want you to give something a shot: Be your own coach. 

What would you say about your progress? What is keeping you from getting better?
What would you say are your strengths? Are these things for which that you still seek improvement?
Weaknesses? Are these things that you avoid at all costs? Why?

We're more effective as athletes and people when we're a little self-reflective and honest with ourselves. It's sometimes easier to do when we approach it from another point of view. 

3, 3, 3, 3, 3 snatch (touch and go)

40 KB swings 55/35
30 push presses 75/55
20 burpees to plate 45/25

Optional Finisher
500m row for time