170208 - Faces of Choice City - Kiva

Kiva is a machine when it comes to WODs but don't let that hard core athleticism fool you, this woman is as kind as they come! She brightens up the gym with her infectious smile and contagious happy-go-getter attitude! Even if she's out of breath or floored from a tough workout, she still has plenty of laughs and high-fives to go around! On Feb. 29th, Miss Kiva will have been with us for 1 whole year so make sure you wish this dedicated lady a very happy Gym Anniversary! 

Tell us about yourself.
About me...let's see. I'm from Washington State. I played soccer for Western Washington University in Bellingham. I was a Division II athlete. I studied environmental science and have worked as a Fisheries Biologist and River Surveyor for several years. Currently I work at an environmental non-profit called "Wildlands Restoration Volunteers" in Fort Collins. I moved to Boulder first but discovered that I liked FoCo way better so I moved this way shortly after. I enjoy backpacking, gardening, hiking, rafting, and being outside doing just about anything! I absolutely love my pup (Bear) and my chickens (Pepper, Ginger, and Sage)! 

Why do you "CrossFit"? 
Ever since I stopped playing soccer, I've been craving a high intensity sport or athletic activity to push myself. I wanted a to find a challenge, to bond with a community, and make/conquer fitness goals. I tried many things but nothing satisfied me. I came to CrossFit with the inention of only trying it out for a month but I absolutely fell in love and possibly became obsessed! 

What makes "Choice City" so special? 
Definitely the peeps! Coach Lauren and Coach Michael and Coach Bri!
They let me ask all of the questions and don't make me feel stupid for asking! I am normally shy but everyone immediately made me feel welcome. I started right when I moved to Fort Collins and instantly had a supportive community. 
As I've stayed here longer, I've found things that heavily challenge me and the coaches never let me back down. They call me out and make me work harder! I wasn't sure if I'd like CrossFit but I found an eclectic group of people that come from different places and backgrounds that you can make a connection with no matter who you are and I like that a lot! 

Skill - 3 Sets (Not for Time) 
5 Handstand Push-Ups
10 One Leg Box Squats
15 Double Unders

40 KB Swings 55/35
30 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
20  Hand Release Push-Ups

170111 - Wednesdays with Coach Lauren

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week are:
“Bring a (Motivated) Friend Days” at Choice City CrossFit!! Many of you have been inviting buddies from work and telling people on social media, so thank you for spreading the word!! Can’t wait to see new faces in the gym and show them the amazingness that is CrossFit!

Topic for this week...the Struggle Bus. ALL ABOARD! Each of us are on our own journey in life and in fitness. Some days our transportation along that journey happens to be the infamous Struggle Bus. Maybe you’re sick, maybe it was a bad day at work, maybe you are not a huge fan of the WOD, maybe you don’t even know what’s wrong…there are an infinite number of reasons why someone inadvertently bought a one-way ticket on this Metro of Hard Times! Sometimes this is obvious to everyone around you and other times your'e keeping it together so nobody knows.  Regardless, keep in mind that every single person is fighting their own battle so be kind and be considerate.

In CrossFit Land, every couple of days, I proudly take my seat on the Struggle Bus while eating a big slice of humble pie and wave out the window to all of those people lucky enough to be taking a leisurely stroll down Easy Street that day. Whether it be heavy lifting or those darn Muscle-Ups or life is just kickin' my butt, I find myself fighting to stay positive and work on my weaknesses. BUT I know in the end, every struggle develops me as a person and an athlete. When those days are done, I must remind myself that I’ve come to my destination and all I can do is reflect on my travels that day in an attempt to learn and reflect and move forward to the next day’s adventures.

So, buy your ticket if you need it today. Accept your seat on the Struggle Bus. Ride with pride. Stay the course. Get off when you’re ready. Don’t let this trip ruin your life or your day. Use this time wisely and find progress in your struggle…because that’s where it is. 

Front squat 5, 5, 5, 5

3 rounds
25 burpees
25 pull-ups
50 squats

161220 - CrossFit

New shirt design now available in the  store at store.choicecitycrossfit.com . DU (pronounced Do, short for double-unders) or DIE. You either love them or hate them. Mostly hate. But you should hate having to do 2x or 3x the number just because you can't do them or do them well. 

New shirt design now available in the store at store.choicecitycrossfit.com. DU (pronounced Do, short for double-unders) or DIE. You either love them or hate them. Mostly hate. But you should hate having to do 2x or 3x the number just because you can't do them or do them well. 


10 rounds
D&B lunge
10 burpees

161123 - CrossFit | Wednesdays with Coach Lauren

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I thought it would be fitting to make that the main topic of this week’s post.

 “If you’ve forgotten the language of gratitude, you’ll never be on speaking terms with happiness.”

When I taught third grade, I had this exact phrase up on my wall. We dissected it as a class to discern it’s meaning together. Then each morning we would show our GRATITUDE ATTITUDE by having three people stand up and say something that they were grateful for. I was continually astounded by the thoughtful and abstract responses these kiddos produced. The feedback I received from parents was that the kids brought this skill home to use it at the dinner table or before they left for school. Parents said it made their children excited to think of all the great things in their lives that they are happy to have! Imagine how different adults would be if we framed our thinking that way!

If we can redirect our thoughts into a gratitude attitude then our brain will become more positive! If we can find truly authentic parts of our world to recognize for their goodness, then that’s what our world becomes. This doesn’t mean that we must grow oblivious to the negativity and bad things that are happening, but if your mind is focused solely around the frustrating and annoying parts of life or people, then that’s where your life will be.

How do you use that power of positive gratitude in the CCCF setting? Be thankful that you have the strength to lift, the legs to run, the arms to push, the capacity to WOD, the fit fam to support you, the coaches to teach you, the time to workout, and the health to carry on. These thoughts of thankfulness can spring forth a better mindset when heading through the gym threshold or even motivate you to get your booty to the gym on those tough days!

Here’s my new CHALLENGE for you: For ONE week, do these three things consistently.
1) Keep a journal each night of 3 things your grateful for and why.
2) Tell at least one person each day why you’re thankful for them.
3) Every morning think of one thing that you are proud of yourself for. 
AND tomorrow would be the perfect day to start this challenge since it IS the day of thanks…speaking of…HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO MY WONDERFUL FITNESS FAMILY THAT I’M EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR! Enjoy your time with your family and friends.

Remember we only have 6am, 7am, and 9am classes tomorrow!
Regular schedule for Friday and Saturday!
No Barbell Club on Sunday!

2 rounds
50 Double-unders (100 Singles)
10 Air Squats
10 Push-ups

25 EB thrusters 45#/35#
25 Burpees
25 EB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 45#/35#

Handstand Push-up Progressions.

160620 - CrossFit | Body types aren't destiny.

"I can't put on weight to save my life. I eat a ton and still lose weight!"

"I don't want to get bulky."

"I'm big and I will always be big, there's nothing I can do about it."

Ectomorph- the hard gainer aka stringbean. These folks are usually tall, skinny with small joints and a metabolism that will run though an entire pizza in one sitting and be hungry an hour later. Gaining and maintaining weight is practically a full-time job.

Mesomorph- the naturally muscular and potential "genetic freaks." These folks have broad shoulders and tapered midsections. Muscle mass is easy to come by, athletic prowess is evident. Eat clean? Yeah, if you count washing your hands before you eat an entire pizza and 20 hot wings. 

Endomorph- the big-boned, "curvy" or "husky" folks that look at food and gain weight. These folks struggle with body composition and have a hard time gaining muscle and an easy time gaining non-contributive tissue. Self-confidence and negative self-image runs rampant through these folks and can exacerbate the issue.   

While its easy to fatalistically claim that there's no way to overcome genetics, we have quite a bit of control over overall health and physical appearance. We can express a more ideal phenotype (look better naked) by tweaking our nutrition to provide less insulin response (putting on fat) and avoid chronic inflammation of both joints (long term) and gut (short and long term.) You can't see Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), reduced pancreatic function (pre-diabetic conditions), and diabetes in the mirror. Contrary to popular opinion and famous people, bony midsections and skinny jeans are not an indicator of health. However, gaining muscle, leaning out and generally feeling better about yourself can have lots of positive repercussions. Think "The Rock." 

You may be genetically pre-destined to have the underpinnings of one of these body types, but as an adult you are every bit in charge of what you do with them. If you need or want help, that's what we're here for. 

Twight get-ups

7 power cleans M:95 F:65
7 burpees
200m run

400m with your barbell from the WOD

160518 - CrossFit | Wednesdays with Hannah P.

“The decision to go deeper into meditation is not made just once. We make it again and again, at deeper and deeper levels, knowing that no single intention will carry us forward forever. This month’s strong resolution becomes next month’s malaise, unless we keep renewing the resolution, reinventing it, refocusing ourselves on it.” –Sally Kempton, Meditation for the Love of It

I was reading recently and came upon this quote. It really resonated with me, but instead of resonating about meditation, it really hit me in regards to my fitness journey. We are all on our own fitness journeys, and we have to constantly renew our resolutions, reinvent them, and refocus ourselves on our resolutions.

We all face struggles in our journey- it might be making it to CrossFit class, or getting the form down on a particular movement, or getting your first (fill in the blank with the name of CrossFit exercise). We can let the fact that we aren’t the best, or that we didn’t achieve our goal, or didn’t do as well as we thought we would hold us back. Or we can choose to renew and reset our intentions. Perhaps your original goal was a bit lofty, or your goals were too scattered, or you just weren’t able to get in enough work to make the progress you hoped for. It’s ok and it happens to all of us!

We can continue to improve and make progress when we keep renewing our commitment to fitness. Together, and with enough effort and desire, we can do it! Let’s re-commit to CrossFit and our fitness goals. 

Your assignment: Write a sentence (or more) in your workout journal (or elsewhere) to remind yourself of your resolution. What can you focus on this week or month to continue to make progress?

Turkish get-ups

4 rounds
21 wall balls 20/14
15 jump lunges
9 burpees

160415 - CrossFit | FYF "Filthy Fifty"

"Filthy Fifty" (30: time cap)
50 each of: (can be scaled to 30 each)
Box jump M:24 F:20
Jumping pull-ups
Kettlebell swings M:55 F:35
Walking lunges
Knees to elbows
Push press M:45 F:35
Wall balls M:20 to 10' F:14 to 9'


160405 - CrossFit

Fishing game
<100 or >1600 points = no burpees
101 to 500 = 7 burpees
501 to 1000 = 5 burpees
1001 to 1599 = 3 burpees
then... 5 rounds NFT

X burpees
10 EB thrusters
10 KB swings
10 ring rows

Clean to Front Squat 5, 5, 3, 3, 1

"Tabata You Gotta Be Kidding Me!"
:20 work :10 x 8 rounds
Wall-balls 20 to 10', 14 to 9'
Sumo deadlift high pulls

151123 - CrossFit, SS

Sumo deadlift 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Teams of 2, AMRAP 20:
Partner 1-
10 box jumps
10 hand-release push-ups
Partner 2- 
200m row
Both partners
10 burpees
10 ground to overhead
B) M:65 F:35
I) M:75 F:55
A) M:95 F:65
then rotate partner positions and repeat

Starting Strength
Back squat
10E, 5, 3, 3, 1
10E, 5, 3, 3, 1
10E, 5, 3, 3, 1