170627 - Tips Tuesday - More Efficient Running


Now that we're well into running season, I'd like to share some simple running tips that can make your experience a little less painful. 
Shin splints, plantar fasciitis, "stress fractures" etc., can be linked to poor running form and spending a long time on the ground. 
When running, we want to minimize the contact patch of your foot, so a relatively easy way to do this is to think pick your feet up in the back and increase your pace tempo. By consciously picking your feet up in the back, you will spend less time rolling from heel to toe in the front. 
Mobilization before and after is also key. Watch the following 5, short videos from Dr. Kelly Starrett DPT. and equip yourself to maximize position and efficiency in running!

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five!

WOD - Helen
3 Rounds
400 Meter Run
21 KB Swings 55/35
12 Pull-Ups

160817 - CrossFit | Benchmark Workout | Wednesdays with Coach Lauren!

5 Reasons to get off the struggle bus and get into the gym!

Recently, I’ve had discussions with some athletes about the struggles of getting to the gym. From what I have gathered, it is mostly a lack of time and motivation that prevent a trip to the box. SO, here’s a list of REALLY good reasons to get your booty butt to the gym! 

#1 – It’s something you pay for, so use it!!! When you spend money on something, you are way more likely to hold yourself accountable to it. That’s why I started running races. I put money down on the goal to run 26.2 miles so by golly I was going to train for it and do it! I would never do that just for fun! That’d be crazy! I put money to it, so I do it. Let the money motivate you!

#2 – It’s cheaper than therapy!!! Exercise causes your body to release happy neurochemicals called endorphins. I’m going to be SUPER HONEST for a moment here…I suffer from pretty severe depression and anxiety. My therapist LITERALLY prescribes me with exercise as part of my treatment. On top of helping you sleep better and relieving stress, coming in for a WOD will leave you feeling healthier AND happier! 

#3 – It’s a springboard for more healthy choices!!! “I missed the gym today, so I might as well eat this triple chocolate Krispy Kreme donut then go out for a couple of beers paired with nachos tonight.” I know, we have all been guilty of this poor-choices-snowball-effect. Keep the positive momentum going and get to the gym so you can get on the speeding train of good choices! 

#4 – It’s fun to see your Fit Fam!!! The benefit of having a smaller gym community is that we know who you are and we notice when you aren’t here! Coach Michael knows when you don’t show up for a couple of days and HE will let YOU know that HE knows! These accountabilibuddies are here for you when you need that extra motivation to get in. Tell them you will be there tomorrow, let them help you stay accountable to that. 

#5 – It’s “YOU” time!!! What other activity in your life can you shut off the rest of the world’s troubles and just be concerned with nothing but YOU? CrossFit gives you ONE HOUR of time shielded from the stuff “out there.” Use 1/24 of your day for just YOU, because darn it….you deserve it!  

Clean pull
Hang squat clean
Push press
Push jerk

WOD "Helen"
3 rounds
400m run
21 KB swings
12 pull-ups