190905 - Soapbox Thursday - "Why do I have to wrap my thumb coach?"


5 Reasons to wrap your thumb around the bar…
#1) - Safety! It’s much harder to slide off and land on your booty potentially breaking your whittle tail bone!
#2) - Lat Activation! As we disengage our thumbs, our lats follow suit!
#3) - Reduce Tearing! Due to the more locked grip with the thumb wrap, there’s less friction involved!
#4) Reduce Forearm Fatigue! It takes waayyy more energy and strength to grip with just the tips of your fingers!
#5) Skill transfer! We don’t hold anything else in CrossFit with a “Monkey Paw” or “Suicide” grip so it has no functional purpose when you don’t wrap that thumb!

? of the DAY - Last movie you watched?


200m run, row, or ski
cossack squats
jump lunges
2 minutes of DU practice

DB or post tight squat ankle stretch
Windmill Stretch

Back Squat
10EB, 2, 2, then.. 3 sets of 2 at 90%
Take plenty of rest in between sets!

Double DB thruster
Work up to single weight

4 Rounds
2 min. WORK and 30 sec. REST
45 Double Unders
Max Single Arm DB Thrusters 50/35
(Alternate Right/Left/Right/Left each round so 2 rounds per arm)
SCORE = Total number of Thrusters!