190930 - THE OPEN!

The CrossFit Open is 5 weeks long!
Every CrossFit gym and athlete around the world participates!
Each Thursday, the workout for that week is announced!
We come together on Saturday mornings to do these workouts!
There’s a fun theme each week and people bring food/drinks!
You are assigned a judge who will count and verify your reps!
It is a total blast and every dollar from your $20 entry goes right into helping the gym! That’s how we paid for the outdoor concrete and rig project! :)

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 4.57.20 AM.png

Starting mid-week, our former goal board will transform into “The Open” board! There, you will find the sign up sheet, the Foco Doco Bingo Board, the weekly challenge, the heat times preferences, and food sign up! We will give you encouragement and more info along the way!

QOTD - Favorite salad?

20 calories
Banded Shoulder Activation
4 Square Hops
2 minutes of DU practice

Roll Out Feet
Delt Lacrosse Ball Delt Smash

Set Up Pull Ups Stations
(Encourage self assisted/negatives/elevated ring rows as scaling option)
Chest to Bar Practice bring elbows back!

For Time

A (competitive)
3 Rounds
100 DU
25 C2B Pull Ups

B (Performance)
3 Rounds
100 DU
25 Pull-Ups

C (Fitness)
3 Rounds
100 Singles
20 Tuck Jumps
25 Ring Rows/Bar Rows

30 of each
Med Ball Tuck
Lumber Jack (Left)
Lumber Jack (Right)
Anchored Leg Lifts