190916 - 1RM WEEEEEK!

Schedule of the Week:
Monday - Mobility & Movement
Tuesday - 1RM Back Squat (Leg day)
Wednesday - 1RM Press (Arm day)
Thursday - BAMF DAY! Invite your friends now! (Seriously…text ‘em!)
Friday - Open Prep
Saturday - 2 Teams @ Girls Gone Rx Comp in Denver
Open Gym and CF Kids will be happening from 8-10 then 10:10-11
Sunday - Barbell Club 8-10 and Open Gym 10-12


Today will be all about getting those muscles ready for the next two big days of maxing out our lifts!

? of the DAY - Favorite piece of furniture?

3 Rounds
150m Run/Row/Ski
2 Pull Ups
4 Push Ups
6 Squats

MOBILIZE Pre-WOD - (Stations)
1) PVC Knee Outside of Foot
2) Cone Prone Shoulder Lift
3) Lacrosse Ball Hell
4) Banded Book Drill
5) Banded Ankle Roll

(with a partner)
200m Run or Row
50m Farmers Carry

1) PVC Elbow Locked Shoulder Opener
2) Cone Prone Leg Lifts
3) Delt Snow Angels
4) Banded Hamstring Activator Stretch
5) Banded Hip Distraction in Sprinter