190729 - Motivation Monday


What are you doing TODAY that will get you closer to your goals?
What about TOMORROW? Have you set yourself up for success?

Did you sign up on Zen Planner for your daily gym appointment?
Did you meal prep so you’ve got readily available healthy food?
Did you set aside time to practice that hobby you’ve been working on?

We will be asking this question as the “? of the DAY” and I want you to really think deep about how you’re using this next 24 for your advantage. We want to hear how by Tuesday, you’ll be one step closer to what you want in life!


? of the DAY - What are you doing this week to get you one step closer to the life you want to live?

1 minute of each then switch with rowing partner
Mini Band Slide Press Up the Wall
Straight arm Mini band Pull Aparts
Mini Banded Squats

Banded Snow Angels (See video below)
Use green band to connect the smaller band (blue/red)

Review each station
Wallballs - On coach’s call with 3 second hold at the bottom

C2B - Everyone does 3 sets of 5 strict banded pull ups (make it challenging)
Set up jumping IF scaling and practice kipping IF doing Rx

DB PP - Review the “calf jerk” and practice pushing through heels
Light DB PP on coaches call with 3 seconds rest at the top

For Total Reps
2 rounds (:90 of work with :30 rest) and 2 minutes rest between rounds
Chest to Bar Pull Ups
DB Push Press
Rowing for Calories

Wallballs =====> Weight and/or height of the line
C2B =====> Jumping C2B
DB Push Press =====> Strict Press/Barbell Push Press/Lighter Weight
Rowing for Calories ======> Biking for Cals

Prone (Superman) IYTs