190605 - Quote of the Week Wednesday

Ladies LIFT night was A BLAST! The focus was box squats and booty! Thursday join us again at 6:30pm for Abs and Banded Presses!

TONIGHT!!!! Strongman Class!!!! We will be using atlas stones, sandbags, and sledgehammers! Get ready for some fun….you know….type 3 fun!

quote easy.jpg

WARM UP - Run 400m
20 Plate Ground to Overhead 15/10
Run 200m with Plate
20 EB Good Mornings
Partner Run 200m carrying loaded barbell

Double Banded Hamstring Distraction Stretch
(See Video Below)

Max Quarter Pull-Ups
Starting with chin over bar then lowering yourself only a quarter of the way down then back up! THE FOCUS should be on closing the gap between your elbows and your sides. This builds lat strength necessary for that final pull!

IF you don’t have pull-ups, these will be self-assisted!

Review deadlift form
(5 minutes to build up to WOD weight with partner! Should be decently heavy!)

3 Rounds for Time
(w/ a partner, break up work evenly)
40 Deadlifts 215/155
20 Lateral Burpees

COOL DOWN - 200 meter yog
4 Stretch and Dirty 4 Stretch