190604 - Recipe Tuesday with Jenn - SOTS

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SOTS = Sausage, Onions, Turnip and Squash. This SOTS recipe is a super easy blend of a protein, lots of fun veggies and a little grain action. It comes together fast, this whole thing came together in under a half hour!

Onion, Turnip and Chayote Squash (Chayote Squash is a great beginner squash. It’s delicious and you can leave the skin right on)
Farro (10 minute Farro from TJs)


  • Prep your grain, I opted for TJ’s quick cooking Farro

  • Chop, chop your veggies. If you practice your knife skills on the regular, this’ll become a super quick task

  • Pan saute the veggies. Generally I sweat my onions first, to take the edge off and then add remaining veggies once the onions are slightly caramelized

  • Turnip and Chayote are both awesome veggie additions to add to your repertoire. No extreme flavor profiles, pretty muted and they easily pick up the meaty, sausage flavor or whatever seasonings you add

  • After veggies are goldeny and succulent add the sausage links to the same pan, get a bit of color on that meat and then add a splash of water/broth, toss a lid on and let it all steam finish for a few minutes

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WARM UP - Team Bike Relay

Wrist Stretches on a box
Pigeon Stretch on a box

Bicep Curls
15 DB Hammer Curls
(Weight is dependent on ability)
Backed against a pole of the apparatus or wall so you can’t use those hips to kip your curls!

Go over each station!
Set up box jumps and warm up to S2O!
Do a practice round - :30 at each and 3 reps of each!

EMOM 16:
M1: 12/10 Calorie Bike
M2: 12 Box Jump Overs
M3: 12 Shoulder to Overhead 105/75
M4: Rest

GOAL FOR THE WOD - The score for this workout is Pass/No Pass so the goal is to make it in the minute EVERY time! Focus on the fact that you get that full 60 seconds of rest! Work your booty off to get there! IF you DON’T think you can make it, scale appropriately to do so!

Focus = Back Squats and Booty!