190625 - Recipe Tuesday


Recipe this week is an idea for meal prep! Lots of people find that meal prep is too tough and time consuming but these burrito bowls are SO EASY! I simply marinaded chicken and grilled it! Cooked rice in my instant pot! Cut peppers and onions then sautéed them! Then put it all together in boxes with a little tub of salsa! You could even add some black beans, cilantro, lime, guac, cheese! So many options! But even if you keep it simple, it’s still super delicious!

QOTD - Favorite word/most recently learned new word?

WARM-UP 2 mins cardio of choice or 400m run
10 single leg raises (hanging from bar)
10 abmat sit ups
20 flutter kicks

Door jamb stretch
Med ball keg drill to apparatus

Single leg stand from med ball/plates

Foam roller pull down
Kipping practice on bar
Partner target practice

WOD: E5M20M:
30 sit ups
15 back extensions
Max toes to bar (not unbroken, just total)

Score = total T2B

Goals: Move through the sit ups and back extensions fast to buy the maximum amount of time for the T2B. Don’t go to failure for each set to maximize the number.