190620 - Soapbox Thursday


One-upmanship -
How many reps did you get? Did you get one more than someone else? Were they the same quality reps as the other person? Are you at the same level of competence, practice and experience as the other person? Are you scaling things to get a better score? Are you over-analyzing the workout and coming to the conclusion that you cannot do hang power cleans for 45 reps (in a 21-15-9 rep scheme?)
Pro-tip: Nobody cares how fast you did it. They care even less if you do it half ass and beat them. Jason Khalipa famously wrote a quote on his wall that developed into a You Tube series called “What’s Rich Doing?” and it was entertaining and chock full of him throwing himself at crazy workouts. And while correlation isn’t causation, he never beat Rich Froning. What do you think Rich Froning has on his wall? Not a thing except inspirational bible quotes and a picture of his family. Internal vs. external motivation. Leading rather than chasing.
If you do the work and you do it well, then it doesn’t matter what you get or who you beat. You’re beating the lesser version of yourself, and isn’t that what’s important?

WARM UP – 400m
Lumberjacks and Tree Planters

MOBILIZE – 4 way banded arm stretch

SKILL – Banded Bar MU and/or Jumping Bar MU

COACH PREP – Review Movements
Establish weight for workout plus one short practice round (run to curb and back)

Weighted box step up 35/25
Weighted Burpees
DB push press
DB hang cleans

COOL DOWN – 200m PVC walk

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach