190611 - Recipe Tuesday with Jenn - Salmon Samurai Bowl

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This recipe is a mash-up of Coach LoLo’s Salmon Bites recipe and my personal fave at Tasty Harmony (Samurai Bowl, yum!).


Chunk of salmon (I opted for the canned variety)
Variety of Veggies
Sensible amount of some sort of Grain (I had black rice on hand)
Sesame seeds, Seaweed and your top 1-3 favorite Asian-inspired hot sauces


  • Follow LoLo’s simple directions for Salmon bites here (because I had canned Salmon, I formed them into Salmon cakes)

  • Cook up your grain

  • Whip up whatever veggies you have on hand. I recommend cooking some and leaving some raw to create a variety of textures. What I did specifically:

    • Pan sear carrots with a generous amount of fresh ginger, because ginger and carrots go so well together

    • Sweated a handful of green things; mostly finely-diced broccoli, kale and garlic

    • Thinly sliced some radishes and let those puppies sit in a tiny bit of rice wine vinegar

  • Assemble and enjoy! And leftovers instantly become meal prep ;)

  • Enjoy this picture of my homegrown carrots doing the can-can, You Go Carrots!

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? of the DAY - What do you think of for inspiration?

2 minutes of cardio
You need 2 light dumbells
4 Rounds
6 Overhead Press
6 Weighted Lunges
6 Push-Up with Row
6 DB Sit Ups

5 minutes to work on headstands and kicking up to handstands
(If you’re already good at handstands, work on free standing)

Tabata Handstand Hold (:20 hold and :10 rest)

Practice movements and get a whiteboard ready!

(:20 work with :10 rest for 8 rounds - 4 minutes total for each movement)
Complete each movement before moving on to the next one!

Med Ball Sit Ups
Jump Lunges
Push - Ups

(Score = All three lowest scores per movement added together)