190508 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


I constantly say this to myself! I try really hard to focus on my future self and how I’d love to look back on my past self with pride! Like DAMN GIRL, way to help me out, I’M REAL PROUD!
Do something today that you will be thankful for tomorrow!

Proud Quote.jpg

? of the DAY - Favorite cleaning product?

2 minute of slow “get-the-blood-flowing” cardio
2 Rounds
1 min. banded single arm chest press - EACH SIDE
(attach red/blue band arm high then face away and press away from origin point with one hand)
1 min. banded tricep extensions

Banded Shoulder Neck Opener

3 Sets of 10 DB Floor Press with :20 rest between
Bench Press 10EB, 5, 5, 5+

Dip progressions
Bench Dips/Box Dips/Ring Dips


3 minutes of Rowing for Calories
3 minutes of Dips
2 minutes of Rowing for Calories
2 minutes of Dips
1 minute of Rowing for Calories
1 minute of Dips (if you can do Bar MU, do those instead on this round!)