190528 - Recipe Tuesday with Jenn - Burger Surprise!

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In this recipe the surprise is the burger blend itself - it’s not your typical 80/20 mix; this mix is 80% traditional ground beef 20% beef liver and heart! How cool is that? So, If you’re curious about organ meats a burger is a good way to go. It’s easy to make and palate friendly. Most butchers will prep a blend like this for you with some advanced notice, including CSU’s new butcher shop (hint,hint).


80/20 Ground Beef/Organ Meat Blend

All your favorite burger fixings


  • Thaw and season meat as you normally would, I prepped mine with a bit of miso paste and salt/pepper

  • Assemble whatever your go-to fixings are; I got fancy with carmelized shallot, rehydrated sun dried tomatoes and added a sharp cheddar on top

  • This blend grilled up was fattier than traditional ground beef blend(s), so don’t be surprised if you have some flare-ups. I would recommend a griddle for the burgers to keep those puppies in tact during grilling

  • Final Verdict - A subtle hint of liver smell did waft through the air during cooking, But, after adding melted cheese, briny pickles, a schmear of your favorite mayo/mustard and the burger was dang tasty. On par with the traditional versions!

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WARM UP - 2 Rounds
10 Calories
10 Single Arm DB Press
10 Wallball Squats
10 Hanging L-Sit Raises

Single Arm Banded Stretch
Vertical Banded TSpine Stretch

Review Movements and Set Up Stations

For Total Reps (but remember to recover for 1RM tomorrow!)
3 Rounds
3 Minutes Rowing
:30 Rest
1 Minute Wallballs
1 Minute Toes to Bar
1 Minute DB Snatch
:30 Rest

30 DB Push Press and :30 Hold x3