190521 - Recipe Tuesday with Jenn - "Martes Huevos"

Jenn is a dedicated member of the 6am class, a phenomenal chef, and a gardener extraordinaire! For the next few weeks, she’s going to give us a look at what she cooks up in her kitchen! Her recipes are filled with unique ingredients and fun flavors! Enjoy!


Tuesday Eggs is inspired by a traditional Mexican ingredient, CACTUS! Stick with me, Cactus (aka Nopales) is good guys. If you dig okra there’s a high likelihood you’re gonna dig cactus too. It has a slightly vegetal taste but overall it’s muted. Be forewarned, just like okra it can be a bit slimy.


  • Heaping Mass of Mushrooms

  • Fresh Cactus/Nopales (Safeway has this on the regular)

  • Eggs

  • Rutabaga (it’s like if a onion and potato made a baby, tastes like oniony-potato)


  • Slice those mushrooms and get them cooking, render away the water and get a nice color on those puppies

  • Toss in the rutabaga, If I’m making omelettes I like to shred mine with a box grater

  • After the rutabaga has had a few minutes to sweat down, add the cactus and cook until all those ingredients have softened

  • Be sure to salt and pepper all that stuff to taste

  • Whip up some guacamole for garnishing later

  • Eggs - I happened to make omelettes, but prepare the eggs however you like. Scrambled with all that pre-cooked veggie mixed in or make a spanish-style omelette (tortilla) or maybe a quiche!


? of the DAY - Least favorite food item?

20 calories of cardio
20 Down Dog Leg Lifts
20 Glute Bridges
20 Toe Touches (Unweighted Good Morning)

10EB, 5, 3, 1+

CCCF Clean Prep
Elbow Drill
Power Drop
Squat Drop
Split Jerk Foot Work

Barbell Complex for Weight
Every 90 seconds for 13.5 minutes (9 rounds)
Hang Power Clean x 2
Jerk (Can split or Power)