190430 - Recipe Tuesday - Sesame Crusted Salmon Bites


These tasty little Asian fish bites are not only easy to make but easy to eat! (I paired it with sauted collard greens and butternut squash risotto)!

Giant Chunk of Salmon
Sesame Seeds
Tamari (or Soy Sauce)
Sesame Oil
Sriracha (if you like it hot)
A little Ginger
Orange Juice (if you’ve got it)

- Mix all wet ingredients to make a marinade (use small amounts of OJ, Sriracha, and ginger)
This mix should be able to coat the amount of salmon you bought!
- Cut salmon into 1 inch by 1 inch chunks then put in a ziplock bag with marinade! Squish it around then let sit for about 30 minutes!
- In a large flat pan on medium heat, add a bit of Sesame Oil
- Dip nonskin side of salmon chunk in sesame seeds then add to oil! Cook about 3ish minutes on each side depending on how thick it is! Make sure its cooked all the way through!


WARM UP - 2 minutes of cardio (speeding up throughout)
14 Kneeling Light DB Press
14 L-Sit DB Press
14 Candlesticks or Curl Ups

Banded Pull Aparts
Banded Prayer Stretch w/ Foam Roller
Roll out Lats

10EB, 5, 3, 1+

Review all movements and scaling options
(See scaling below)
- Strict HSPU then kippping
- Bar Kips then T2B

For Time (12 minute cap)
BUY-IN = 30 Jump Lunges
3 Rounds
10 Handstand Push Ups
10 Toes to Bar
3 Rounds
5 Hand Release Push Ups
5 Strict Chin Ups
BUY-OUT = 30 Jump Lunges

WOD - For Time
BUY-IN = 30 Stepping Lunges
3 Rounds
10 Seated DB Press
10 Knees to Chest
3 Rounds
5 Hand Release Push Ups
5 Palms Up Bar/Ring Rows
BUY-OUT = 30 Stepping Lunges

GOAL - Under 6 minutes! This one is meant to be knocked out in big chunks with unbroken sets if possible!