190429 - Important Message Monday



"The reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated." -Mark Twain

Folks, I'm not dying any more than anyone else is. Thank you for your concern. If you're one of those that hasn't heard this, the reason for the speculation is because I am planning on leaving CCCF the first week of July and am aligning things to make sure that I can do so smoothly.

The most important concern is what does this mean for Buddy? Well, not much is changing in his life. Lauren has generously and significantly adjusted her life to be able to take care of Buddy and keep him safe and happy in his best environment: with y'all. He's not a fan of road trips and would be best served by being around his family.

What does this mean for you? Not much either. 
Lauren's crowning as new owner of the gym in January had been the culmination of a number of years of her hard work and the programming and training style has been hers for over 2 years now. I am proud to officially-officially hand over the reins to her and head off into my second retirement (again, not dying.) This has been kind of foisted upon her, but she's adaptive as all get out and we're getting all the ducks in a row. I'll be coaching all the way up until I leave. If you're interested in personal training or coaching/ biomechanical/ nutrition education, let me know, I could use the gas money 😂

What does this mean for me? Selling my house to a lovely couple, trading in the Tacoma for a large van, and taking off on an open-ended road trip to national parks, forests, beaches and any other hijinks I feel like getting up to.

What can you do to help? Continue to make this place a community that supports and cares for each other and maintain the standards that I worked so hard to create and would be proud of. If you're interested in becoming a coach at CCCF, we're starting the Instructor Training Program next Saturday at 7am. It's a comprehensive program, and being a coach is a satisfying pursuit.

Never have I spent so much time with such a caring, gregarious and interesting group of people. Thank you. 
I'll drop in occasionally, when Lauren needs a vacation, or if she tells me y'all are acting up (I kid, I kid.) or if I need an injection of love and kindness and a little bit of sass.

My last day will be July 4th, and hopefully we can put together a little potluck party to send me and Jean Claude Van Ram off into the sunset.

In the words of Chick-fil-A employees everywhere: 
It's been my pleasure to serve you.


WARM UP - Med ball run perimeter 5x with medball
Med Ball Toss with partner
- Shoves
- Triceps
- Twisted Throws
- Seated Rolls
- Single Leg Toss
- Alternating Drinking Birds

10EB, 5, 3, 1+
(This last rep is 95% of your one rep max! Goal is one GOOD REP but if you feel really good go for one or two more!)

Practice both movements with light wallball

4 Wallballs 30/20
4 Wallball Weighted Step-Ups
(Add 4 reps in each round to each movement)

COOL DOWN - Hold each for 1 minute of each (Self timed)
Down Dog
Spiderman Lunge (Right and Left)