190425 - Soapbox Thursday


Leave No Doubt. - Michael Reynolds
As folks get more and more competitive in their workouts, and compare scores and performances, I think it’s important to not value “being first” over “being best.”

When I hear so and so did x number of reps or got a certain time, I often have to formulate a caveat in my mind. Like: they don’t squat below parallel consistently or open their hips all the way at the top so their score should have an asterisk behind it. Kind of a shitty thing for me to do, but if the shoe fits…
You should endeavor to move the best while going hard. That’s what good performance is.
Winning for the sake of winning without meeting the criteria for movement isn’t a win, it’s bullshit.

The best CrossFit athlete is the one that the coach never has to worry about: They move like a coach, they push like a champion and they raise the caliber of people around them. They leave no doubt.

Warm Up
2 rounds
200m Med Ball Run
12 Lunging Med Ball Twist
12 Med Ball Squats
6 Alternating Single Leg Stand Ups

Keg Drill
Squat Therapy

Back Squat 3,3,3+

Coach Prep
Pistol Scaling
Scaling options: Box heel taps, single-leg stands from plates or ball.

WOD - AMRAP 9:00
20 Calorie Row Buy In
10 Alternating Pistols
20 KBS 55/35

Goal: 3 Rounds