190415 - Meet the Athlete Monday - STEPHEN


November 21st 1984

Ma, Pa, Brother Dick, Sister-in-law Megan, Niece Rose, Nephews, Connor and, Arthur

What do you do for a living?

Diesel Mechanic

Rugby, tinkering with motorbikes, general mischief

Favorite food?
Pizza and chicken wings they cannot be separated

Fun fact?
I really don’t know how to use a computer, this is hard. Also Helicopter Pilot

How long have you been doing CF?
A little over 6 years

Favorite CF Move?

Least favorite CF Move?

Why do you love CrossFit?
The variation keeps me interested. The shared suffering with others keeps me motivated. I get to compete. Signing up for a class keeps accountable to show up!

What makes Choice City so special?
We’ve all said it, the community. I never thought I would be so involved with a gym. The Fit fam is not just a saying. They are family. I wouldn’t want to work out/ hangout anywhere else. That said, who wants get food? I’m hungry.

QOTD: What was the last song you had stuck in your head?

WARM-UP: 2 rounds:
10 KB drinking birds
5 (R) KB press (light KB)
5 (L) KB press (light KB)
10 KB Romanian deadlifts

PVC around the world
Banded hamstring activation
EB Good Mornings


10 EB deadlift to warm up
5, 5, 5+

Demo movements
Light KB hang clean + jerk practice
3 on each side at WOD weight

EMOM 12:
Even: Using RIGHT arm only:
5 suitcase deadlift  55/35
5 hang KB clean + jerk

Odd: Using LEFT arm only:
5 suitcase deadlift
5 hang KB clean + jerk

Goals: Pass the EMOM! Use a light enough KB to focus on form over speed. Keep that back straight and core tight!