190308 - FYF - CrossFit Open 19.3


WARM UP - 1 minute of cardio and then 1 minute w/ different cardio
2 Rounds
10 Box Step Ups (each side)
10 Walking Lunges - Prisoner if possible
10 Light DB Single Arm Press
10 Light DB Goblet Squats
1 Down and Back Bear Crawl

Sampson Stretch with Thoracic Twist
Pigeon Stretch
Lat Lacrosse Roll with banded distraction
(Saturday Participants cont. mobilizing)

COACH PREP (for in class people) -
DB Snatches & Cleans
Practice Walking Lunges
Practice Step-Ups (weight position)

Keg Drill with KB and foam roller
Banded Abductor Activation

3 Rounds
30 steps OH Light KB/DB Walk
10 Light Single Arm Press with Rib Cage Lock
10 Pole Holding Lateral Lunges
(Finish with practicing any of the movements with the weight that you will be using. Don’t fatigue yourself or hurt yourself but get comfortable with what you will be asked to do tomorrow)

WOD - Open 19.3
For time:
200-ft. dumbbell overhead lunge (Scale to front rack)
50 dumbbell box step-ups
50 strict handstand push-ups (Scale to 5 in. elevated)
200-ft. handstand walk (Scale to bear crawl)

Men: 50-lb. dumbbell, 24-in. box 
Women: 35-lb. dumbbell, 20-in. box
Time cap: 10 minutes