190304 - Meet the Athlete Monday - LoLo!


December 25th! Christmas baby! (Gift to the world, right!?)

Mom, bro, and lots of aunts/uncles/cousins! They all live back in Lawrence, KS!

What do you do?
I’m a proud owner, coach, and athlete at Choice City CrossFit! But ya’ll knew that! ;)

I love the outdoors so hiking, camping, and trail running! Anything musical, artsy, or theatre-related are also my favorite! You can find me playing old school video games quite often too…I dare you to challenge me at Galaga and Ms. Pacman!

Favorite food?
OMG! SUSHI! Any and all sushi!

Fun facts?
I’m adopted, left handed, and I’ve run 17 half marathons!

How long have you been doing CF?
Since 2014! I started back in Kansas at CrossFit 785! When I moved to Colorado in July of 2015, I started at CCCF (formerly CrossFit North Fort Collins)! Best decision I’ve ever made!

Favorite CF move?
Handstand Push Ups or Bar Muscle Ups!
(Weightlifting move would be deadlifts!)

Least favorite CF move?
Snatches….still freaks me out.

Why do you love CF?
I was a long distance runner when I started CrossFit and could run 26.2 miles but couldn’t lift anything remotely heavy! CrossFit gave me the strength to do WAY MORE than I ever thought possible and the confidence to be the brave independent woman that I always wanted to be. CrossFit is more diverse and exciting than any other fitness program or regimen that I have ever been apart of…and I’ve tried a lot of different things! It never gets old and even after so long, I STILL see progress all the time!

What makes Choice City so special? 
Cliche but ABSOLUTELY it’s the people! I love our fitness family! I know that if someone needed a ride OR if someone had a big event OR if someone wanted to borrow something OR if someone was having a tough time, the Choice City #FitFam would be right there to support them in any way that they needed!

Our coaching would definitely have to come in second though! We have spent so much of our energy making sure that the knowledge and experience that goes into our coaching and programming is the best we can provide! That’s why our intern program is so darn cool! We raise people up out of the community, give them tons of extra training, and hours worth of hands on experience. Quality coaching matters!

WARM UP - :30 easy and :30 hard cardio
Big arm circles
Big arm hugs
Windmill plank rolls
Push Ups

Thread the needle
Chest Opener
Prayer Stretch

Banded activation: 20 of each (with tiny micro bands)
Chest Pulls
Plank Walk Outs
Plank Rows

Handstand Push Ups (Work on kicking up, lowering to mats, kipping)
Chest to Bar (Work on pulling elbows back and touching bar)

3 - 6 - 9 - 12 - 15 …. (continue in that pattern)
Handstand Push Ups
Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Scale to —-> Push-Ups and Jumping Chest to Bar