190328 - Soapbox Thursday - Loving the idea but not implementing it!


It’s really easy to take that dry erase marker and write some huge undertaking on the board for our “SUMMER GOALS'“ but that can’t be where it ends! My brother is one of those people that talks in length about how he’s going to be a lawyer, going to play for the Chiefs football team, going to be a try out for American Idol, going to go on a huge vacation to Europe, going to, going to, going to…..BUT did any of those big goals become reality??? Whomp whomp!

It is SO EASY to say your going to do something! There’s tons of satisfaction in just stating that you are going to accomplish a major goal! The dopamine (happy hormone) response to telling others about our goals is significant! Then when it comes to the tough part of “working towards your goal”, many people just throw their hands in the air and say that it just isn’t a goal anymore! LAME!

Make sure that when you create a goal, you don’t just love the idea of it! LOVE the process and figure out how to LOVE implementing that goal otherwise, it will always be just an “I’m going to…” and never an “I did…”


? of the Day -
What was the last super duper amazing meal you had?

Death by 10m (5-10)
then… (down and back for each)
bear crawl
broad jump
then… 3 rounds of
3 wall walks
rest 1 min.

Wrist Stretches/Roll out Forearms

Handstand Walking (6 minutes of practice)
Level 1 - Not comfortable kick up to handstand
Wall Walks with moving the marker
Box Clocks

Level 2 - Can kick up but can’t hold freestanding for more than 5 seconds
Kick up and away from wall
Kick up and not hit the wall
HS wall marching

Level 3 - Can hold a freestanding HS for significant time
Side Walking

Set up wall spots and scaling options


3 Rounds of
30 Russian KB Swings 55/35
Max Handstand Push Ups in remaining time
Rest 2 minutes