190311 - Meet the Athlete Monday - JOE!


March 19, 1998. What's that? Okay, fine. 1978.  

What do you do for a living?:
Writer, Voiceover dude, and dad.

Wife Anne, daughters Maya (13) and  Lily (11), and Scout (48 in Dog Years)

Before getting addicted to CrossFit, I was addicted to tennis. I also love to read, go to Rockies games, and I challenge anyone to a ping pong grudge match. 

Favorite food: 
Out of a very long list, I'd pull out coconut curry from Himalayan Bistro and full-fat, super creamy vanilla ice cream. 

Fun Fact: 
My name was going to be "Jay" until I was born on St. Joseph's Day...so I'm basically a fucking saint. 

How long have you been doing CF?: 
About 5 months.

Favorite CF Move: 
We're supposed to have a favorite? Ah, let's go with hand stand push-ups. 

Least favorite CF move?: 
That's easy. Overhead squats. Oh! And thrusters. Come to think of it, dead lifts really suck for me too...why would anyone love this?

Why do you love CrossFit?: 
Funny you should ask. I love the feeling of accomplishing something I didn't think I could. I love setting new PRs. I love the results I've seen after just 5 months. And I love how the vibe of everyone around can make me push myself harder than I would have. 

What makes Choice City so special?: 
To continue the above...I love that those people automatically embrace each other and see each other as humans deserving of love and respect, no matter what differences we might have. I've never once felt judged or looked down on or unwelcome--and I did nothing to earn that other than walk into the gym. I think that's pretty special. 

? of the DAY - Favorite grade in school?

w/ a partner x 2 rounds each (4 total)
Partner #1 - Row 250 meters
Partner #2 - PVC Pass Thrus & Good Mornings

Partner PVC Internal Rotation Stretch
(See Video below - Use PVC to keep hands locked together, this provides more of a stretch and allows for people w/ very poor mobility to be able to do this stretch.)

Light KB Movement Prep
(Segmented to practice each part)

Every 4 minutes for 16 minutes
Row 500 meters
20 KB Swings 55/35
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
Rest in the time you have left!
This is a pass/no pass score.

COOL DOWN - Accumulate 40 knee side to sides
(Arms out in a T with knees tucked up to the chest, rock them side to side)
Accumulate 80 seated butterfly knee flutters
(Sit up super tall, bottoms of the shoes together, knees out and moving up/down)