190206 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


There’s SO MUCH to work on in CrossFit Land! One second you want that pull-up and the next second handstands seem cool so now you want those! Oh but you want to be super strong to have have huge 1 rep maxes! But don’t forget about cardio, you gotta get better at that too! It’s easy to want to focus on all the things…


BUT keep in mind that you can’t get GREAT at something when you are trying to be GOOD at everything. Each time you work on one thing, you have to sacrifice another. If you do extra strength, you’re going to get slower in metcons. If you start running extra outside of class, you’re going to get weaker at weightlifting. But that doesn’t mean don’t focus on one thing, it just mean that you need to focus on the MOST important thing TO YOU! Find YOUR focus and don’t let all of the shiny things distract you from your main goal.


If you don’t know what course of action to take, ask a coach! That’s what we’re here for! Once we create a plan, stick to it. Follow it to completion! Don’t just “kinda sorta” get there and grow complacent. Conquer the skill, strength, or movement and feel really good about it! Then you can change your focus to a whole new goal without losing the one you just accomplished!


WARM UP - With a Partner 4 Rounds
Partner #1: 10 Calories
Partner #2:
5 push-ups
5 squats
5 DB Squat Presses (each side)

MOBILIZE - T Spine Bench/Box Thread the Needle

WOD - Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes
(1 minute of work with 30 seconds rest)
Odd: 20 DB Snatches 35/25
Even: 200m Row
[Score = Pass/No Pass]

For Bar MU Progression: Accumulate 20 Jumping Bar Muscle Ups
For Pull-Up Progressions: EMOM 6: Self Assisted Pull Ups