190204 - Meet the Athlete Monday "Coty"


October 13th (and yes, it was a Friday!)

Proud cat dad to a fluffball named Violet!

I enjoy hiking up in the mountains and reading! I'm also a huge fan of both video and board games!

Favorite Food:

Fun Fact:
I used to be a classical Flutist!

How long have you been doing CF:

I started back in July of 2018, so I'm still a crossfit baby!

Favorite CF move?
I feel like this is constantly changing! Lately though it's been kipping pull ups.

Least favorite CF move:
Hang cleans... ugh! Although, after barbell club, I’m not loving snatches….or overhead squats….

Why do you love CrossFit:

I love that everything is so high energy and different every time I go!

What makes Choice City so special:
Hands down the community. Everyone is so caring, and so supportive or each other's fitness AND life goals. Going to CCCF always brightens my day!

Member of the Week COTY.jpg

WARM UP - :30 easy and :30 hard on any Cardio device
Air Squats
Goblet Squats
Cossack Squats with KB
Sprinters Lunge (drop elbow to shoe)

Smash Calf on KB Handle (Ankle Mobility)
Scorpion Stretch (Thoracic Mobility)

2 - 2 - 2
(Work your way up to a challenge double set. Once you reach that, perform two more at that weight with about 2 minute rest between each.)

If you get done early, MOBILIZE - Prayer Stretch

30 Double Unders
10 Toes to Bar
5 Back Squats 125/85
(From the floor) If you were able to do 225/185 in the strength portion of today, then Rx is a good option for you! If not, scale down to about 50% of whatever weight you were able to achieve. (New members may take it from the rack as a scaling option)

Scale for DU = 60 Singles
Scale for T2B = Hanging Knee Raises

GOAL of the WOD - 5 rounds! Keep on moving for your Monday! This is a workout that can and should be scaled if you’re hesitate about any of the movements or weight! This isn’t the time to build strength or skill, but more a time to push through!

SKILL WORK - (This week, the skill is Bar Muscle Ups or Strict Pull Ups! Each day we will “test” our strict pull ups! If a male can do 10 and a lady can do 5 then they can move on to working with the coach on Bar MU!)
BAR MU: EMOM 5 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
PULL-UPS: EMOM 5 Strict Banded Pull-Ups or Ring Rows
Unbroken sets in each minute. Go for broke each time!