190228 - Soapbox Thursday


Everyone Has a Seat at the Table. - Michael Reynolds

Since our inception in 2008, we’ve been an open and welcoming community.
We’ve never cared about anything other than the quality of person you are and if you are willing to do the hard things to improve yourself.
With Lauren in charge since the first of the year, I can happily say that we’ve continued this idea and will in perpetuity.

I often say that everyone has a seat at the table. Yeah, some folks will be relegated to the kids’ table, but you’re all welcome. That is until you’re not.
We’ve gotten rid of quite a few folks in our past, and some have thankfully even removed themselves. Some folks leave and we’re saddened by the loss. Others leave and there’s a sigh of relief.

We want our space to be safe, supportive and fun. Everyone gives everyone a hard time and we’re all expected to have tough skins. If I cross the line, people call me out on it and vice versa.

We don’t care if you’re the best, we only want you to try your best. We don’t care who you spend your time with, as long as when you’re with us, you’re the best person you can be and you treat your fellow athletes with respect and care.

We’re a community in every sense of the word. Our table is long, diverse and steeped in mutual respect. And everyone that comes in has a seat at it.

? of the DAY - What gets you fired up?

SKILL - Turkish Get-Ups
Learn the skill and then practice
20 TGU - Not For Time
(Form is priority!)

COACH PREP - Practice Box Hurdles
Find a lane for the partners

(w/ a partner - Try to be w/ someone who is same gender and Rx - We have limited 70# & 55#)
10m Box Hurdle Sprint (Down to KB)
10 Russian KB Swings 70/55
10m Box Hurdle Sprint (Back to Partner)
5 Hand Release Push Ups (Pop-Up & High Five)