190227 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


The quote below is so relevant to what we do in CrossFit! Every choice we make at Choice City is one where HOPEFULLY high quality is always made priority and given preference! If you short the target/squats on your wallballs in daily workouts, you might get the immediate satisfaction of more reps right then and there….BUT….down the line when it’s a true test like the Open, the regret will hit you mighty hard!

Always choose better quality in life and in fitness and in health.
The sweetness will last much longer.


? of the DAY - Something worth spending extra money on?

WARM UP - 3 Minutes of Cardio (Speed up throughout!)
Light DB Hang Cleans
Light DB Front Squats
Light DB Strict Press
Light DB Thrusters
Light DB Clusters

COACH PREP - Clean Prep
Fast Elbows
Drop Drill
Fast Elbow + Drop Drill
PVC Limbo Squat Drop Drill
(Athlete goes into front squat. Two other partners hold PVC. Athlete stands up. Drops and spins elbows under secured PVC Pipe)
EB Squat Cleans
EB Thrusters
EB Clusters

WOD - EMOM 16:
2 Clusters
(Work up to a heavy weight! These can be singles!)
Take the first 6 minutes to work on form! Do a weight that won’t wear you out but will be heavy enough to work on the movement under decent load before going super heavy! This is a strength day…let’s get strong!

COOL DOWN - Accumulate
20 Down Dog to Cobra
20 Cat and Cow