190225 - Meet the Athlete Monday - NATALIE!


July 6

My husband Jason, our wiggle-butt (Australian Shepherd) Koda aka "Moose", and a fish named Ronald Ulysses.  

What do you do?
I am in grad school for nutrition. I start my dietetic internship in August!

I love baking, cooking, reading, and being outside. 

Favorite food?
I have to pick a food genre... Mexican. It has all the essentials, cheese, veggies, beans, and tortillas.

Fun fact?
Hexagons are my favorite shape.

How long have you been doing CF?
Since June of 2017 so close to 2 years!

Favorite CF move?
Probably either deadlift or cleans.

Least favorite CF move?
Three way tie between snatches, overhead squats, and burpees.

Why do you love CF?
I love the "constantly varied" aspect of CF. It forces me to do things I don't like and it rewards me with things I do. I also love that I because of CF I feel strong.

What makes CC so special? 
The community is amazing and encouraging and I love that we all hang out both at the gym and outside of it. The coaches have such a tremendous amount of knowledge and passion for teaching and helping you become the best version of yourself. Everyone at CCCF would do anything to help you, I am constantly blown away by the generosity of the coaches and athletes. The people at the gym have truly become my family and I feel so lucky to have found CCCF. I love my FitFam!

? of the DAY - Favorite piece of clothing you’ve owned?

2 minutes of cardio
4 Rounds
4 Burpees
4 EB Strict Press
4 EB Bent Over Row

STRENGTH - Strict Press (from the floor)
Work up to a heavy set of 8 within 3 sets
8, 8, 8
Give yourself 2 minutes rest between sets

Load weights for Push Press and practice

Find Spots for Burpee Pull-Ups
Scaling Option - Adjustable Bars or Step Up on Plates (Jumping Pull-Ups)

For Time (Cap @ 15 minutes)
Burpee Pull Ups
Push Press 75/55