190221 - Soapbox Thursday


The Open Starts Today!

CCCF has done the Open since the beginning in 2011. Every year we’re tested with a series of challenging workouts and every year people shock themselves with what they’re capable of.
This year is no exception!
Join us as we do the workouts in a festival-type atmosphere, starting with our Go Sports Team!-themed first event for CrossFit Open Workout 19.1 (just means the first workout of 2019)
Wear your favorite sports team’s apparel and get pumped up by the cheers of your fellow athletes and your coaches!
The goal here is to do your absolute best with the emotional support of a bunch of your gym friends and family. Scaling options will be available, snacks too!
Observers are always welcome and if you’d like to drop in to get judged by official certified judges, just let us know (lauren@choicecitycrossfit.com)and be here at 8am on Saturday morning!


Run down and back w/ burpee on each end x 10
3 rounds
10 Back Extensions
10 Dead Bugs
10 Knee Side to Sides
10 Single Leg Floor Taps (Drinking Birds)

MOBILIZE - (1/2 class do each then switch)
Banded Foam Roller Prayer Stretch
Sprinter’s Lunge w/ elbow dip and reach

Partner Windshield Wipers

Build up to deadlift weight and practice form

Glute bridge holds

Evils Wheels (Scaling option is inch worms)

WOD - “Abs and Booty!”

Windshield Wipers 115/85

Rest 2 minutes

5 Evil Wheels 145/115
10 Glute Bridges
15 Deadlifts