190219 - Tips Tuesday - Grip Strength


Grip strength is one of the biggest limiting factors in workouts! Your body might be capable of lifting 215# through an entire WOD but if your hands can’t hold it, you can’t do it! So here’s some tips for how to improve your grip strength:

Farmer’s Carry!
Pick up a heavy set of kettlebells and walk around for a while!

Towel Pull Ups!
Bring in a towel, throw it over a pull up bar, and hold the ends while doing pull ups or dead hanging!

B.B. Clip Squeezies!
Grab the metal clips that we put on the barbells and do sets of 10, trying to squeeze them as tight as possible and slowly leg it go.

Dead Hangs!
Jump up to a bar and hang there as long as you possibly can!

Plate Pinch!
Get two 15# plates and pinch each one with your thumb and fingers straight. Stand and hold as long as possible!

:30 Bench Step Overs
:30 Plate Ground to Overhead
:30 Overhead Plate Bench Step Overs
:30 Plate Thrusters
:30 Single Arm Banded Pull Downs (Right)
:30 Single Arm Banded Pull Downs (Left)

MOBILIZE - 4 way bands

COACH PREP - Rope Climbs! Inside J-Hook!
Practice! Each person needs to complete 5 foot locks!

DB Thrusters
5 Reps with light weight
5 Reps with heavy/Rx weight

2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - …
DB Thrusters 50/35 (Scale to something that is still HEAVY for you!)
1 Rope Climb - In between each Thruster set

1) Full squat to Full overhead Press with each Thruster!
2) Solid foot locks!
3) More than 6 rounds!!!