190212 - Tips Tuesday - Ankle Mobility


Below are some of my favorite ankle mobility exercises! Whole Life Challenge people, this would be a great little routine for your extra 10 minutes of mobility today especially since tomorrow….you’re going to need LOTS of mobility in those little ankles so get started now! *Insert sly emoji face here*

? of the DAY - One piece of advice you’d give your younger self?

10 Calories of Cardio THEN…
Create Two Lines Facing Strong Wall
(Go in Waves - Athletes will do Jumping Jacks while waiting!)
Perform the move down and run back to tag the next person. ——->
Walking Twisting Med Ball Lunges
Med Ball Drinking Birds
Med Ball Gorilla Crawl
Walking Lunges with Med Ball Overhead

MOBILIZE - Down Dog with Leg Lift and Fold Over

EB Deadlift Prep —-> Work up to WOD Weight
4 Lateral Burpees for Practice
HSPU Prep ——> Practice Against Wall or
Scaling Option = Seated L-Sit Press

21 Deadlifts 125/95
15 Lateral Burpees
9 Handstand Push-Ups
[Score = Rounds and Reps - Time in NOTES if completed]

SKILL WORK - 4 Min. DU Practice!