190211 - Meet the Athlete Monday - BRITT!



December 22

What do you do for a living?
I am the Assistant Director of Development for Student Affairs at CSU! I raise funds for student leadership programs, services, and scholarships. Basically finding monetary support for all of the things students do outside of the classroom.


Mom and Dad, Older Sister and Brother in Law (Lyndsay and Ian), Three Nieces (Ily, Pruitt, and Roma)


Intern Training Program! Eating and drinking my way around Fort Collins. Traveling. Showing off videos and photos of my cute nieces. 

Favorite food? 

Chicken Fingers. Broccoli is a close second

Fun fact? 

As a Colorado Native, I have lived in 12 different places in CO.

How long have you been doing CF? 

3 years! 

Favorite CF Move? 

Overhead Squats! 

Least favorite CF Move? 

Anything related to AS FAST AS POSSIBLE

Why do you love CrossFit?

Because it makes me feel empowered, and do things I never thought I would/could do before! Plus, the community is phenomenal. 

 What makes Choice City so special?

What’s NOT special about CCCF?! Choice City is the first and only place I have been a CrossFit member at. The welcoming environment, the top-notch coaching, the opportunities to be a better version of myself each and every day, the fact that a coach, a friend, or fellow athlete will high five you and tell you “Good Job’ even when you feel terrible, the friends I have made that have turned into my family members, we have Buddy the gym dog. Stop me anytime….

Britt Collage.jpg

? of the DAY - If you could go get a degree for free, what would it be in?

3 Rounds
:30 Row while partner does WallBall Squats until the switch
Team Plank Med Ball Challenge
(Class lines up in a plank position shoulder to shoulder. 5 Wallballs start on one side and team must get all of the wallballs down to the other side and back!)

Banded Squat Hold (See Video Below)

Practice Wallballs on the Coach Call!


18/15 Calorie Row
Max Wallballs 20# to 10'/14# to 9'
(in remaining time)
Rest 1:
Repeat 4 times!

[Score = Total Number of Wallballs]

SKILL WORK - Double Unders!
15 Penguin Jumps
3 minutes of practice then…
3 Sets of Max Unbroken