190107 - Motivation Monday


If you were at the 10 Year anniversary party, you already know the news about me (Coach Lo) becoming the official affiliate owner! If you weren’t there, now you know! :)
So what does this mean for you? Nothing really! Coach Michael will still be around coaching and doing his thang but slowly over time will be using his time more to enjoy his retirement by traveling and taking more time off! Until then, things won’t seem to change one bit for the athletes!

As the new owner of Choice City CrossFit, I want to make a couple of things known:

1.) I deeply care about each of you. While my attention is typically diverted into 100 different directions, so it might not seem like it all of the time, I DO CARE! Probably to a fault but please know that your well-being and happiness is not taken lightly with me.

2.) I want to be successful and I want you to be successful. That means continuing to build a community that will sustain a budget to buy bigger better equipment, update the facility, and create exciting extra programs so athletes can feel/see the benefits of the growth (…and on the plus side, also bring in some more livable cash flow for Michael and myself!)

3.) I need to hear constructive feedback. it is important to me to at the very least hear how things are going. If you don’t like something, don’t just pop smoke and peace out! Let me know, it’s the only way I can potentially amend the situation! Just keep in mind how much thoughtfulness and time goes into all of our decision making and execution of plans when considering your feedback! We are not perfect but we try our best!

4.) I am an athlete! I never want to give up my time as a CrossFitter! I want to practice what I preach! So that might mean that from time to time, I can’t answer your question or help you in a class because I have my metaphorical “athlete hat” on and I need that time to work on myself, for myself! I promise though, that there will always be someone knowledgable on staff to help you out in my place!

5.) I appreciate the hell out of ya! I 100% know that I cannot do this alone! That’s partially why I love CrossFit so much, it teaches us how much stronger we are together! I am grateful for the energy and love and support you all bring to me and to this community! Keep that shit up! :)

I will do my best to always do my best! Love you all Fit Fam!
- Lauren Ollila
Owner of Choice City CrossFit
( Eeeeeeeeee it’s fo real now! )


? of the Day - Best moment this weekend?

Reverse Ball Toss and Retrieve
Walking Lunges
Squat Side Walk

MOBLIZE - Banded Ankle Stretch
PVC Pass Thrus/OH Squats

PVC Snatch Prep

6 Snatches 95/65
6 Overhead Squats
6 Lateral Burpees


SKILL WORK - Pistols this week!!!! * pew pew *
(Also Known as Single Leg Squats)
20 Feet Together Squats
20 Box Heels Taps