190104 - In House Competition AND Holiday Party TOMORROW!

compeition time.gif

Tomorrow starting at 8am we are hosting our In-House competition! Please get here a little early so we can start on time! If everything goes according to plan, we will be done no later than 12:45! We’ve spent a lot of time planning this to make it challenging but doable and fun! GET EXCITED!!!

IF you can stay after the competition to help decorate, we would be forever grateful for the assistance!


The 10 Year Anniversary Party starts at 7pm! We will have the taco bar all set up and ready to dig in! DON’T FORGET to bring a wrapped pair of socks for the exchange! We will probably get festivities and activities going shortly after 8pm so try not to be toooooooo fashionably late you lovely people!

We can’t wait to celebrate this big occasion with ya’ll! It’s been a good 10 years and there will be many good times to come!

The Mask Party Time.gif

? OF THE DAY - What is your favorite part about CrossFit?

Circle Up Tag
Push Ups
Banded Pull Aparts
Banded Overhead Press

MOBILITY - Banded Foam Roll Shoulder Stretch


Review barbell movements and then do 5 of each EB in the order of the WOD and 5 of each with WOD weight in the order.

20 min. (30 sec. on and 30 sec. rest)
1 - Seated Strict Press 75/55
2 - Floor Press
3 - Windshield Wipers
4 - Evil Wheels

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach