190131 - Soapbox Thursday


WHY DO THE OPEN? - Coach Michael

This will be the 9th CrossFit Games Open season that we’ve participated in.
Each year, CrossFit Headquarters puts out a weekly workout that we perform to the best of our abilities, then we can compare our score to anyone around the world. It’s a pretty neat thing.
For folks just getting into CrossFit or coming to our gym for the first time, this can be intimidating. Let me assure you, it shouldn’t be.
One of our coaching hallmarks is that we only ask that you do your best.
We give you the standards, we coach the standards and we test the standards, we give feedback and we retest the standards. This format allows you to push yourself a little bit harder with the loud cheers of your fellow athletes. The CrossFit Open gives you a baseline for some super challenging workouts that we can then base your goals for improvement and retest at least one of them again next year!

There are 2 worldwide options: RX’d and Scaled. For our gym, we do an additional scaling option of Super Scaled, so that everyone can put up a score to help out their team.
What team you might ask? Well, if you’re in the Whole LIfe Challenge, you know what team you’re on: Lauren’s Team, Flex Appeal (Blue Team), Michael’s team, the Spinach Inquisition (Green Team), Stephen’s team, Good Vertebrations (Red Team) and Dr. Laura’s team, Lunge Lizards (Yellow Team).
Each of these was set up with the idea that we’d carry them into the Open.

More info will come out in the following weeks about the Open, be sure to ask one of the coaches for more info and insight. There’s a sign-up sheet with the dates and info over by the dumbbells!

Much like CrossFit itself, the Open is for everyone and is infinitely scalable. All we ask is that you do your best!

(Check out the video below to see all of the reason why our experienced members are going to be #intheOpen!)

? of the DAY - Weird food combo that you enjoy?

Team Relay for 3 minutes
Echo Bike on one side (One person on it at all times)
Team on the other side (Holding plank waiting)
In order, one person will stop planking and lunge down to biker to tag them out.
Biker will now lunge back to get another person.

SKILL WORK - Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats
(DB that will allow you to get to 12 each time)
12 on each leg (24 total) x 3
Rest 1 minutes between each set


Maximum Effort in 2 minutes x 2 at each movement
(Grab a partner and time/encourage/record each other)
There is no set rest between (although it should be over 2 min), just go hard at each station when it is available.
You will have 35 minutes to complete this with your partner!

Echo Bike for calories
Box Step Ups for reps
Bear Crawl for distance (Each Square is 1)
Score = Total Number

2 Minute Pigeon on each side
2 Minute Straddle Stretch