190130 - Benchmark WOD "FRAN" - Quote of the Week


One of the best tips I’ve heard about eating “clean” is that you should stay away from food’s that have commercials. Those marketed/advertised foods aren’t actually food anymore…they’ve become “products” instead. Real clean food should be the ingredients, but not have them.


? of the DAY - Favorite Store?

3 Minutes of Cardio
3 Rounds
6 Light Wallballs
6 Ring Rows
3 EB Bent Over Row
3 EB Front Squat
3 EB Press

MOBLILIZE - Banded Abductor Lunges
Banded Front Rack Stretch
Banded Face Pulls

COACH PREP - 5 Minutes to work on pull ups (kipping practice)
Review thrusters and efficiency

WOD - “Fran”
For Time
21 - 15 - 9
Thrusters 95/65

COOL DOWN - Roll out forearms and prayer stretch