190128 - Meet the Athlete Monday! - "Mindy"


April 3

Husband, Shaun, Son: Gage he's 13, daughter Kailee, she's 11 and 4 legged child, Jessy, she's 6!

Not really hobbies but I love going to the lake with the family and going to autocross and car shows with Shaun! Oh and my daughter and I love to redecorate different rooms in the house.

Favorite food?
hmmm, pancakes!! Lots of butter and syrup.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
My 3 year CrossFitversary will be in April.

Favorite Crossfit Movement?
Rope climbs! I never thought i would be able to do them!

Least Favorite CrossFit Movement?

Why do you love CrossFit?
I love CrossFit because it makes me feel good! I can do things i never thought were possible for me to do, I have met the most amazing people, and it is something that Shaun and I can do together! We love it!

What makes Choice City CrossFit so special?
Well thats easy, You all! Excellent coaching, you care about everyone, and it shows! Also, all the fun things like Firepit Fridays, community WODs, holiday parties, you all are so fun!

Mindy Member Spotlight.jpg

? of the DAY - Worst movie you’ve ever seen?


(4 times down and back for each)
Overhead Press Plate Walk 25/15
Single Arm Waiter Walk (Left)
Single Arm Waiter Walk (Right)
Jog with Plate
20 Plate Russian Twists
20 Plate Sit Ups
10 Plate Plyo Push Ups

MOBILIZE - Plate Around Yo’ Head
Plate Single Arm Swings

COACH PREP - Review Movements
Practice round…
10 Russian Twists
5 Ground to Overhead
5 Burpee to Plate

WOD - For Time
BUY IN of 50 Russian Plate Twists 35/15
5 Rounds
15 Plate Ground to Overhead (with the same plate)
15 Burpee to Plate
BUY OUT of 50 Russian Plate Twists

GOAL for the WOD - The plate should be light because the goal today is to HAUL ASS! We have a tough workout coming up on Wednesday that we don’t want to be sore for, so let’s just get the engine fired up and move quick!

COOL DOWN - 500m Row or 20 calories on the bikes