190115 - Tips Tuesday - Newbies! :)


The TIP today is more of a suggestion!
If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve got a HUGE influx of awesome new people! WOOHOO! Adding more members to the fit fam!

That being said, I want you to think back to when you started CrossFit! It’s a humbling, exciting, intimidating, thrilling, confusing time until you get settled in (and maybe you still feel that way sometimes….I know I do depending on the day!)

So here are some tips to help YOU help our NEWBIES:

1) If you don’t know someone, introduce yourself!

Just knowing someone’s name can help ya’ll connect and feel more at home. Ask them questions and get to know them!

2) Offer Help!
Locate equipment for them or let them know where the bathroom is. If someone looks lost, ask if you can assist! Make sure you leave coaching up to the coaches though! If they need the scoring of the workout explained, that’s totally fine! But try not to explain the form of a movement or how to scale properly, we’ve got highly trained and super friendly coaches you can call over for that kind of stuff!

3) High five often!
”GOOD GAME!” “GOOD GAME!” “GOOD GAME!” This goes for the oldies and the newbies! Everyone can use a good fist bump after a tough workout or a good lift! AND they are free so pass ‘em out!

4) Partner Up with them!
I know you want to be with your friend but don’t let anyone feel left out! Make sure you let that person know that they won’t be last picked on the playground here!

5) Encourage them to return!
A “See you tomorrow *Insert new members name here*!” goes a long way! Just knowing that friendly faces are waiting for you the next day, makes people feel really good and want to get back in the next day!


? of the DAY - The best way to start the day is…??? (On a perfect day!)

WARM UP - Arm Swings and Circles
Side Plank (Switching back and forth)
1 Minute of Each
Wallball Partner Toss
Plank Push

GAME - “Ball Pass Relay Race”
(If there is only one or two people in a class
then they will play “The Floor is Lava”

Ring Row Review
Hand Release Push Up Review

7 Elevated Ring Rows (If you can’t do 5 in a row, scale to normal)
7 Hand Release Push Ups
14 Elevated Ring Rows (If you can’t do 5 in a row, scale to normal)
14 Hand Release Push Ups

Accumulate 100
banded jumping jacks