190114 - Motivation Monday

Congrats to our strong team that competed this weekend at the Granite Games! We are so proud of you Allison, Mindy, and Kyndall! Way to meet your goals!


Good old Ben Bergeron…
If you don’t follow his instagram, here’s the link and I would HIGHLY recommend you do that!
Okay, so this particular post that he created hit me in all the feels. Deep down, I know that perfection isn’t achievable and yet…I find myself reaching for it now and then. And ya’ll it’s soul crushing to reach for something with all your might and fall short! Yikes! This chart below is a great representation of why focusing on progress vs. perfection brings so much more satisfaction and positivity into the equation!

Where is your mindset????

Are you chasing a flawless CrossFit experience or are you looking to improve through the flaws?

Are you associating “the best” with pursuit of perfection or are you associating “your best” with the pursuit of progress?

Are you focusing on what others can do that you can’t….OR…are you genuinely really excited for them without downplaying your own performance?

Perfection can’t be reached BUT progress is waiting for you every single day at the gym!

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 9.04.13 PM.png

TOMORROW through THURSDAY we are having BAMF Days (Bring a Motivated Friend!) We only have 3 spots left for the Whole Life Challenge so if you’ve got someone in mind that is still interested, get them in for a good workout on one of those days and we can chat about filling the last slots!

WARM UP - Run 6 lengths, each time you get back to the front, speed up!!!
Lunges to Drinking Bird
Glute Bridges
Sit Ups

MOBILIZE - Partner Banded Hammy activation

STRENGTH - Deadlift
3, 3, 3


WOD - 4 Rounds For Time
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 95/65
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups

Cool Down - Accumulate 2 minutes of Superman hold