191012 - OPEN 20.1 (FYF)

Hey Fit Fam!! A couple of important things…
(1) Today has two different workouts! One is the actual Open 20.1 for the people that didn’t sign up to “do” the Open. The other workout is a movement prep and mobility one for all of our people doing on Saturday!
(2) IF you are competing on Saturday, PLEASE be there at 8am! That’s when we go over the workout and standards!
(3) Heat schedule will be posted this afternoon, Coach LoLo needs to know ASAP if something is wrong so we can fix it quick!
(4) EVERYONE is welcome to come enjoy the open event tomorrow! It’s fun to watch and there should be plenty of food/drink! It’s SLUMBER PARTY themed to wear your PJs!


QOTD - What’s your weekend plans?

Run Burpee Combo x 5
Lunging PVC Pass Thrus
Lunging PVC Overhead Twists

Barbell Delt/Trap/Calf Smash
LaCrosse Ball Hell
3 min of freestyle

PVC Snatch Prep
(Practice barbell cycling)
Clean & Jerk/Press Prep

WOD 1 (for people participating tomorrow)
2 Rounds
4 Snatches (Light)
5 Bar Facing Burpees
then…easy 750m Row
2 Rounds
4 Clean and Jerks
6 Bar Facing Burpees

(Use this time to practice cycling and foot placement during the burpees! Slow and steady!)

WOD 2 (for class)
10 Rounds FOR TIME - 15 min. Cap
8 Ground to Overhead
10 Bar Facing Burpees

GOAL FOR THE WOD - This is a lung burner! You want to find a solid pace and settle in then suffer there! It’s only 15 minutes! Once the snatches go away, just start clean and jerking it so you don’t rest for a long time! We would like to see everyone get past the 7th round!!