180927 - Soapbox Thursday


Find work.
When we accomplished a mission or task assigned when I was downrange, we were encouraged to “find work.” Finding work meant setting up traffic control points in our area of responsibility in order to identify and capture high value targets or vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) without telegraphing some massive operation and talking to locals on patrol to try to find out important information that would allow us to do our jobs better and/or further our higher command’s mission.
With fitness, there’s always somewhere to “find work.”
When there isn’t active coaching going on, or you’ve blazed through the warm-up, there’s always something that you can do to make yourself a better athlete.
Most of the time I ask about mobility, because that’s the area where the most benefit can be had in the least amount of time. Short hamstrings? Do some good mornings and banded ham work and voilà! Better already!
The next step is working on areas you suck at: double-unders, pistols, HSPUs, pull-ups, Toes to bars, dips, burpees, etc. I purposely didn’t mention muscle-ups, because those are sexy and any one with a dip and a pull-up (and lots without) will try a muscle-up on their own accord.
Is swinging around like meat at a butcher shop making you better? No. Is improving your strength, flexibility, accuracy, agility, coordination and balance in any of the aforementioned areas going to? Yup. If you insist on working on muscle-ups (or any of the high-skill items above) USE THE PROGRESSIONS. Lauren didn’t make those for nothing. She made them to get you from point A which is terrible at something to point C which is pretty darn passable at that thing, through point B which is focused practice.
All of these things can be done outside what we program for the WOD. It’s all about finding work. Once you’re the best at everything, maybe then you can stand around and look bored.
Find work.

WARM UP - 2 Rounds
:30 Banded Sprints
:30 Banded Good Mornings/Standing Glute Bridges
:30 Banded Hammy Stretch

GAME - PVC Circle or Circle Tag

STRENGTH - Deadlift
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% +30#
3 @ 50% + 30#
2 @ 65% + 30#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 30#

WOD - You choose your own cardio adventure! :)
2k Row for Time
1 Mile run for Time!

COOL DOWN - 200m walk

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach