180910 - Motivation Monday - New Strength Program, who dis?


Alright gang, in these next 6 weeks, get ready to get strong!!! BUT FIRST...

How does this strength program work? 

  • We will be lifting either back squat, deadlift, or press four days a week, Monday through Thursday, with Fridays remaining as FYF toughies! (There will be a total of 8 sessions for each lift.) 
  • We will have a sheet for each of you (that will be kept in a binder here) where you will have prompts for you to do the correct sets and math for those sets. 
  • The program starts out slow where the warm up sets are light and the working weight of singles will be 85% of your 1RM. Each session of that lift, you will add 10 lbs. to your leg movements and 5 lbs. to your press.
  • By week 4 or 5 of the program, (depending on your numbers) you will reach your 1RM and work with that weight to do the singles. IF you are unable to complete the lifts at that weight, you back it off 5 lbs. for leg movements and 2 lbs. press until you can complete the lift. Next lifting session, you will attempt the failed weight again until it is successful. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, just FOLLOW THE PROGRAM! It is based on a well researched successful strength building program and it DOES NOT WORK if you DO NOT FOLLOW IT! You will be tempted to add more weight or do more sets...but resist the urge!!! Listen to your coaches and as Coach Michael says, "Just do the f*****g program!"
THANKS ya'll! See you at the gym for a marvelous Monday! 

WARM UP - w/ a partner
P1 - Row 200m
P2 - 5 Squats, 5 Lunges (each side), Butterfly Stretch
P1 - Run 200m
P2 - 5 Goblet Squats, 5 Push Ups, Couch Stretch

Toe Grab Squats (Gorilla Squats) - See video below! 
Sampson Stretch

STRENGTH - Back Squat
10 @ EB
5 @ 30%
3 @ 50%
2 @ 65%
3 sets of 1 @ 75%

WOD - 3 Rounds
1 minute: Floor Press 95/65
:30 rest
1 minute: Front Squats 95/65
:30 rest

COOL DOWN - World's Greatest Stretch
Butterfly wall stretch