180807 - Tips and Tabata Tuesday



  • You've realized that the weight is beyond your abilities (right now) so instead of hurting yourself or using bad form to make it happen anyway, you reduce the weight! YAY! 
  • You're coming back from vacation or returning after being sick so you ease yourself in! YAY!
  • You've got a prior injury, surgery, condition that limits your mobility so you let your coaches know and they give you appropriate alternative options! YAY! 
  • You're having a shitty day so you decide that you're going to come to the gym and do your best but you won't be hard on yourself for cutting back a bit! YAY! 

    ALL of these things show that you can keep your pride under control for the sake of your future health and what is best for YOU! YAY! :)

In CrossFit Land, we need to put everything into perspective, especially our goals! In my training, I've decided to take a step back by scaling weights and reps in order to better meet my goals. I'd rather do something scaled but correct rather than do it Rx but ugly. If I'm feeling terrible and know that I'm not going to perform well in a workout, I'm going to assess what it is worth working for that day. YES, Rx is a good goal to shoot for. NO, Rx is not the be all, end all. We want to challenge you and push your limits but not at the expense of potential injuries, ridiculously long mid-wod rest times, or deviated too far from your goals. Consider your goals this week and then SCALE LIKE A BOSS when needed!

Tabata Crippler
8 rounds each of: 
:20 work, :10 rest
Stepping Lunges
Squat hops
Jump lunges

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach