180830 - Soapbox Thursday - The CF Rumors


If you follow CrossFit in any capacity online, you've probably seen the big article headlines of "Big Changes coming to CrossFit in 2019" and if you've taken a peek at those articles, you might be very confused or concerned. But let us be the first to tell you that regardless of what the rumors say... (RUMORS because CrossFit HQ has yet to confirm anything or put out an official statement) nothing will change for you! We are still going to bring you the best we can of experienced and educated services to make you the healthiest and happiest version of you! Nothing the big wigs of CF Headquarters can say will make us change our stance on our goal as a gym and we will just roll with the punches of the CF Open in the upcoming years. Here's an article below that explains some of the gossip if you want to be informed of the potential but not at all set in stone changes that MIGHT be coming: 

Bear Crawl down and back
5 Single Arm DB Press (Each side) 
5 Single Arm DB Deadlift (Each side) 
Spiderman Crawl down and back
5 Rope knees raises
5 Rope pulls from the floor
(x2 through the entire warm up) 

COACH PREP - Rope Climbs
(Check out the video below, it goes over most foot locks! We teach the "J Wrap Rear" which he talks about in the film!) 
Everyone works seated foot lock!
If foot lock is consistent and solid, work on legless or chameleon climbs

3 rounds
24 DB Power snatches 45/35
3 rope climbs

 6 half climbs
9 rope pulls
9 KB Rope lifts
9 Rope Pull Ups) 

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach