180802 - Soapbox Thursday


When a coach approaches you and gives you a tip, cue, or advice on something, it's easy to respond with:
"But this is how I've always done it." 
"I can't do that." 
"That's hard for me." 
"I've never been good at that." 

Let's say you've been squatting with a narrow stance for a long time and a coach tells you to go a little wider. This might feel weird and different and tense but that doesn't mean it's wrong! Don't resist the change or fight back with excuses, give it try and see how it goes! There's no reason to hold on to something that is holding you back. You're here to improve and we are here to help! Help us, help you! 

sWOD - "Annie" 
Double Unders
Ab Mat Sit Ups