180816 - Soapbox Thursday - The Secrets to Health


How to get rid of any illness and get healthy: 
1. Drink 15 liters of apple cider vinegar mixed with omega 19s everyday
2. Rub concentrated organic coconut oil in your eye balls
3. Stick sprouted kale up your bum
4. Snort 5g of crushed wild quinoa at sunrise
5. Shower in luke warm matcha green tea extract
6. Avoid red meat, heavy dairy, tap water, and people. 

TOTALLY KIDDING!!!! That's all a bunch of bull honky!!!!
BUT here's the deal, those are all health and wellness buzz words that really ruffle feathers and get people excited. The general public wants quick ways out of fitness, easy peasy food fixes, and instant gratification for life changes but that's NOT a thing but it also doesn't have to be complicated either....

1. Eat more protein and veggies!
2. Get more sleep!
3. Drink more water!
4. Workout 3-5 days a week! 
5. Mobilize/Stretch everyday! 
6. Find time to relax and enjoy what you love! 


KB swings
Abmat sit-ups