180814 - Tips Tuesday - "Grips"


More people have been asking us about what to wear to prevent pain and tearing on the bar during long pull-up or toes-to-bar workouts so here's a couple of the "hand grips" that we have experience with:


Natural Grips
These are probably one of my favorite! Reusable for up to around 4ish months depending on how much you use them! They are about $25-30 and come in lots of colors with fun designs. You need to know your ring size since they are meant to fit snug on your hands. Just put them on then tape around the wrist! Easy, thin, and durable!


Rogue Grips
Julie just started using these and they remind of the natural grips described above but with more width on the palm of the hand. They seem to work just as well too but she said that since it's a one size fits all on the finger holes, it tends to slide around just a bit. 

450x300_Leather Hand Grips.jpg

Leather Gynmastic Straps
We have a couple of these hanging up at the gym if you want to give it a try. They are thicker than most other hand protection which can cause a loss of grip strength on the bar but they are the most durable of all the other options and will last indefinitely. 


These are also fairly durable fabric grips with added wrist wraps at the bottom that make them easy to take on and off plus the added bonus of that support. They come in lots of colors and can be washed with the laundry to clean them up. Stephen has a pair if you want to chat with him about how he likes them! 


Wod N Done
I bought a whole pack of these before the Open and they're pretty good! Pam from CrossFit Gymnastics swears by them! They are basically made of KT Tape and they are a single use item. You pull of the backing and stick it right to your hand. For those out there who have schweaty palms like me, this becomes a problem because the adhesive just stops sticking with lots of sweat so I end up taking them off half way though the workout sometimes but they are good up until that point! 



Partner WOD "Box Jump Buddies"
P1 plate overhead hold RX 45/25 Scaled 35/15
P2 30 box jumps 20" box (male and female)
switch and repeat
30, 20, 10 box jumps each
Add 5 box jumps each time your partner loses position overhead
You can rest as much as you need between rounds but pay the price during. 

Cardio Finisher