180709 - Motivation Monday - 4 Lessons from Mighty Miss Maya


Maya is almost 5 years old and was born with Cerebral Palsy! She's a happy and persistent girl and as I've followed her story, I've learned 4 big life lessons: 

1) I should be and I am thankful for my healthy ability to move! 
Today we are running a mile....some of you just groaned or complained...but Maya would give anything to be able to do today's workout! It won't be easy but consider yourself lucky that you can move your feet and cover distance!

2) Determination conquers all! 
There's a lot of barriers in our lives whether it be genetic, situational, or self-made, Maya is showing us all that what she was born with doesn't determine what she lives with! 

3) Support is everything!
Maya's family has been super positive and supportive of their mighty little girl! Surrounding ourselves with people who push us to be our best, is necessary to our success! 

4) It's the little victories that make a big difference! 
The next time you find yourself saying "But I only..." remember that even one step in the right direction can and should be celebrated! Shout for joy and share your victories no matter how small you believe they are! 

WOD - For Time
30 Back Squats 225/155
1 Mile Run
(No cherry picking, I know it's a long run but don't avoid it!)